Customise which part of HMF the "HITMAN FORUM" logo text URL takes you to when clicked

Hi @wincenworks, just a quick request to please ask whether it’s possible for the forum software to customise which part of HMF users are taken to when they click the “HITMAN FORUM” text/logo at the top of each page, either on desktop or mobile?

When I click that link, I’m always taken back to the Categories page, but ideally I’d always like to go back to the Latest page whenever I click that header logo/text. Is there an existing way for users to customise where clicking the header logo/text takes them to, and if not does the forum software allow it as a possibility?

Thanks very much!

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The logo usually takes you to the main page of the forum.
If you set starting page in your settings to Latest it will take you to Latest


Ah right, brilliant, thanks - that’s exactly what I was looking for. Had been through my settings before but missed this somehow: what a doofus!

Ignore me, folks, all sorted! :grin:



@scat1620 thanks for asking, i was wondering the same, its so annoying to go back to categories every time :grin:

@Count.Rushmore thanks for the info, works like a charm✌️