Cut C47 dialogue & text

You may have seen this video showcasing many dialogues and texts that didn’t make it into the final release of Hitman: Codename 47, but what if I told you there was more?

In the locale files of the earliest C47 demo, you will find even earlier lines that didn’t make the cut. No audio is available sadly, but I’ve put all the text below. I’ve tried to include all cut/edited lines not shown in the YouTube video, while excluding minor things like grammatical adjustments.


If the line is used within the final game, I’ll highlight the difference with bold text.

Ort-Meyer: It’s a semi-automatic, 6" barrel, 15.9 cm x 32 mms. Weight 1.897 grams. Sights: fully adjustable Millett 3 dot. It’s a loud show stopper so don’t use it in situations where neatness counts. Try and load it now.

Ah, so this is Hong Kong. People talk of it as an interesting place. “Filled with mystery, laughs and excitement” they say. Not really my scene.

It’s been so long since I’ve had a real feeling. Or a real memory for that sake. But since the agency contacted me for the first time my life has been a blast!

“I need to use the toilet.” - HM

“It is behind you in the corner. You’ll need a key though.” - Bartender

“You have to leave the park” - HK Guard

“Over my dead body” - HM

“That can be easily arranged, fool!” - HK Guard

“We told you to leave the park!” - HK Guard

“Who, me? I thought you were kidding.”

“Try me. You got 5 seconds.” - HM

“Sorry, this park is closed today” - HK Guard

“That is too bad - I had some time to kill” - HM

“Sorry we’re closed!” - HK Guard

“Too bad, I was really hungry” - HM

“Now what did I just tell you?” - HK Guard

“There, there - where are your manners little man?” - HM

Now - if you will excuse me. Nature is calling, and I’m going to answer it - HM

Do pardon me for a moment, while I go wash my hands - HM

“Hi – can I have a beer – no, on second thoughts, give me a whisky. Beer interferes with my performance.” - HM

“Coming right up, Sir – and in case you need some company, might I recommend the second floor for a little R & R?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“I’ll put your drink on your bill Mr…?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“Tobias Rieper” - HM

“A drink please. So - this place seems a little dead - where do I go for some action?” - HM

“You could try the second floor - I’m sure you will find what you need there, Sir!” Wang Fou Bartender

“I’ll put your drink on your bill Mr…?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“Tobias Rieper” - HM

“Alcohol please!” - HM

“Yes sir! Is this your first visit to Hong Kong?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“Yes - unfortunately, I have to settle an account, so there will be no sight seeing!” - HM

“Well - if you do have just a little spare time, I think you would find a visit to our Massage Parlor on the second floor worth your while. I’ll put your drink on your bill Mr…?” - Wang Fou Bartender (IIRC these previous two or three are in the final game)

“Rieper, Tobias Rieper” - HM

“So, would you care for another drink, Mr.?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“Yeah, pour me something smooth and strong” - HM

“I’ll put your drink on your bill Mr. Rieper” - Wang Fou Bartender

“Can I recommend anything, Mr. Rieper?” - Wang Fou Bartender

“As long as it’s not martini, sure.” - HM

“No-no, only strong drinks for real men, Mr. Rieper” - Wang Fou Bartender

“I’m sure - I have a bill in the bar, put her on there, and I’ll pay later” - HM

“Just follow Lei to her room my friend and do not drool on the floor…he he” - Pimp

“Sorry - I had to check out my credit rating. I’m looking forward to having Lei as my escort tonight!” - HM

“Sounds from a man who is being tortured” (demo cut)

“Ahhh! Ohhh! Ewughh!” - Smith (final cut - has audio)

“You - no guest in here - dirty!” - Chef (present in final game)

“Sorry - I was looking to take out some garbage, but obviously not here” - HM

“You not allowed here - I’m preparing food!” - Chef (present in final game)

“If that’s what you call it, okay pops I’m leaving” - HM

“Last time lo fawn – go now…you have ten seconds or I call guards!” - Chef (present in final game)

“Simmer down, chef!” - HM

“Here you are - in return, tell me how to pop the poobah. How do I get close to Lee Hong?” - HM

“Mmm - interesting. Any other suggestions on how to nail the monster?” - HM

“This soup needs something and it is not sel de vie” - HM (demo cut)

This soup needs something and it ain’t salt. - HM (final cut - has audio)

“I’m here on business, looking for Mr. Lee Hong. Actually I’m looking for his safe – if you catch my drift” - HM

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” - HM

“Sorry - I am a restless kind of guy, but now I’m here for you” - HM

“That stripper has a lot of talent!” - HM

My own Dutch treat… set me up for a meeting” - HM

“I hate to break your heart, but I have other plans - some other time, honey” - HM

Yeah, catch you next time baby… Now where’s this friend of yours?” - Sandy

“C’mon - let’s play a little game. I’m Kuwait and you’re Iraq!” - Sandy

“Down, pooch - Rin Tin Tin, Rosebud, whatever” (Columbo reference?)


”Hmm, Rotterdam harbour. It is not exactly a tourist resort. But then again I’m not here for a vacation either. I’m here to grant one or two permanent vacations.

“Arsenic, but you can get away with scotch” - HM to Hotel Bartender

“Oh, I’ve been in hotter places” - HM to Fritz Fuchs

“If it’s any consolation, you’re going to an even hotter place soon” - HM

“You need not worry much longer about your health” - HM

“No, I’m here to clean out the pool - to many germs in it!” - HM

Tsk… tsk… you should always play on black” - HM

“No fret - you’ll never have to worry about cholesterol ever again!” - HM

“Bitte, was can I do for you?” - Fritz Fuchs (I assume)

“Ah Budapest and the xxxxx hotel. What a classy looking place. And well guarded too. It’s time to look sharp and concentrate, a good thing I brought my suit. I think I’m gonna go old school for this one” - HM

“Listen! You need to change in to a swimsuit to enter here. There is clothes for you in the last booth” - Male Bath Attendant

“Is that a minigun in your trousers or is the water very cold? Please change into normal clothing. I think your clothes are in the last booth” - Male Bath Attendant

“We have a nice room for you, Mr. Rieper. Could you please sign here?” - Receptionist

“I would love to.” - HM

“Hmmm… Looks like our friend Mr.Wulff has the room 202.” - HM

“Columbia! What a place! From what I’ve heard even the butterflies are corrupt and smuggling drugs. The fauna is nice though, maybe I should just stay out of trouble and enjoy the vegetation. Ha ha, what an insane thought! Now let’s get this show running. Which way is south?” - HM

“This is where you get off - hasta luego punk!” - HM

“Hey amigo - I’m permanently relieving you!” - HM

“Send my regards to Saint Peter when you see him!” - HM

“Que pasa jefe - I’m relieving you of your duties!” - HM

“I couldn’t agree with you more - so tell me where I can find this Drug Lord?” - HM to Chieftain

3-3 IC: “You can cross the river on our little bridge. On the other side you cross the temple yard, and go look for the statue of Xiectchalub, behind it you will find a secret underground passage leading to his hideout”

But you see, the problem is that I recognize you, you were the one with the needle” - HM to Dr. Kovacs

“My bookiluki. My little bookiloki is not lost no more. Now there will be no more war in our time – only peace and posies. And Bateman will find peace at heart and no more axing women and children… no no that is bad. Lots of anti dope to everybody. Bald man like anti dope. I’ll show on map where anti dope is… maybe grow hair… he he he” - Patient

“Hello? This is Professor Ort-Meyer. We have an emergency situation, send every man available - we have just received a visitor in the complex, and he’s going totally berserk! He’s beyond our control! … No he’s not a patient of ours! But he’s armed and he is shooting like a madman!” - Ort-Meyer


“It seems you did a perfect job! We have deducted the advance payment from your salary.”

“News reports indicate that you killed %d people. The cost needed to clean up and cover you amounted to %d. Furthermore we have deducted the advance payment from your salary. Try to be more careful from now on!”

“Nice job! The brother is dead and with him went XXX triad members. According to the news we have now succeeded in starting a full-scale triad war.” (demo cut)

“Nice job! The Emissary is dead and with him went XXX triad members. According to the news we have now succeeded in starting a full-scale triad war.” (final cut)

“Yet again you delivered the goods. According to our police sources an unidentified Red Dragon member killed XXX persons, including the Chief of Police.”

“Well your mission was achieved but there’ll be at lot of cleaning to do. We have deducted XXX from your bonus.”

“Oh my god! You went on a rampage! The body count amounted to XXX bodies equaling XXX in clean up expenses.”

“The Cheng Chau Fish restaurant is very small. It’s located on a street corner in a Hong Kong suburb. The place will be swarming with police.

"The Herbal shop owner is old and shaky but very wise. On the surface, he’s just another tea and cloves salesman -but he also deals traditional drugs, laxatives and exotica like ground rhino-horn.

He’s an important ally - he used to be a high ranking member of another Triad, but old age and new powerful triad leaders have made him obsolete – naturally, he holds a major grudge against these people, which is lucky for us. This man will bring the figure to our customer."

“Well this information should really help you. On your map you can see a secret passage to Lee Hong’s HQ through the basement.” - Diana (presumably after receiving info from Herbal Shop Owner)

“Lee Hong, although stripped of his earlier entourage of powerful allies, still is far from harmless. He has a number of bodyguards around him – and a right hand man, Ah Tzun. He could reside at several locations throughout the complex. Lee Hong’s HQ is situated outside the restaurant.” (a “long” mission description)

“Lee Hong abt. 65 years old, 5’ 10”, 170 lbs. In excellent shape. Leader of Hong Loong Bang (aka Red Dragon Triad).

“You are darkness incarnate. You resolved this mission swiftly and quietly killing only XXX triad members. The figure is in the hands of our costumer and Lee Hong is no more. Congratulations!”

“Bingo! Mission accomplished. The figure is now safe with our customer and Lee Hong is no more. And neither are XXX of his henchmen.”

“You have been to the The Cheng Chau restaurant before, but this time you have to enter it.”

“The security will not be as tight outside the restaurant as the last time you were there, but you can expect lots of muscle inside the complex.
Information about the inside is very hard to obtain, but we have a map and we know that a brothel is run inside.”

"Our customer wants Lee Hong dead, and the jade figure that empowers him.

This figure is very valuable, both in terms of money and symbolism.
Locate this artifact and bring it to the clerk in the Herbal Shop inside the restaurant.
He will know what to do with it.

Intelligence has informed that one agent is missing during undercover work at Lee Hongs restaurant.
His last report described a vast tunnel complex beneath the restaurant.
We believe that he is being held hostage somewhere down there.
We have transferred all info to your map.

Lee Hong runs a brothel on the second floor. It has been marked on you map.
Lee Hongs appetite for women may be one of his weak spots.

When the Triad has been alarmed they will seal off the whole area. Use Lee Hongs speed boat to get into clear waters where a pickup has been arranged for you."

“Track down the meeting point by following the gang members when they leave the strip joint to go to the meeting at the warehouse. Use a tracking device on the gang’s car.
Place yet another tracking device in the gangs money suitcase located inside the warehouse. Make sure Boris’ right hand man Ivan picks up the suit case.
Boris is hiding on a large ship in the vast docking area. It services some 20,000 ships every year, so the only way to find him is to track him down via the suitcase.”

“abt. 66 years
6’ High
240 lbs”

“Well known international gunrunner. Extremely paranoid and a known drug abuser.”

“Phew! That was close, but it seems that you can do no wrong. Our sources indicate that you left XXX corpses inside the hotel. History won’t mention them…”

“Please consider that there will be security personnel and metal detectors inside and outside the hotel.
This is a fine hotel. You should be extra careful not to harm any persons not directly involved with the terrorists.”

“Frantz Fuchs will be staying at the hotel undercover. He will probably call himself Heinrich Wullf.
We have no idea of where he has placed the bomb. You will have to investigate his room for clues.
There will be metal detectors at all checkpoints in the hotel to make sure nobody’s carrying any concealed weaponry.
So remember: Kill the terrorist, find his bomb and bring it out of the hotel.”

“abt. 64 years
6’ High
190 lbs.”
(Frantz, 220 in the final game)

"Welcome to Columbia 47!
To continue the theme of politically correct assassinations your next target is a Columbian Drug lord, Pablo Belisario Ochoa. Our costumer wants to terminate his command.

The exact location of Pablo’s camp is unknown, so you will have to make friends (I know you hate that) with the local tribe. We have to insert you into an area we know is patrolled by Pablo’s army as well as the local tribe - you will be in a tight spot so watch out.

A plane crashed in that area a few days ago. On board the plane was a stolen religious idol. Returning this idol to the locals might endear you with them.

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency"

“Locate the airplane crashed in the jungle between Ecuador and Colombia, and examine the wreck. Its cargo consists of sacred statues, stolen from a local Indian tribe.
Some of these idols have been hollowed out to smuggle cocaine in. The plane has been used to transport these ancient artifacts, now crammed with drugs.
One of the golden idols is especially important to the local tribe. Locate it and deliver it to the Indians.”

"Well, you’re steady as a rock aren’t you 47?

You are only a working day away from a ticket out of that god forsaken place.

Just kill the drug lord, destroy the lab and get the hell out of there.

Diana, Controller, The Agency"

“Kill the drug lord. His camp is heavily guarded by soldiers. And the drug lord himself is rumoured to be extremely dangerous.
Blow up the camp’s laboratory. You’ll need to find explosives somewhere inside the camp.
There is a landing strip somewhere close to the camp. Use a plane to escape.”

"Okay 47

Now remember that you should always be nice to animals!

Read the info, watch your back, do your stuff!

Diana Burnwood, Controller, The Agency"

“Find the secret passage to the drug lords camp.
A hungry Panther guards the secret passage.
Don’t shoot the Panther! Find another way to get past it.

220 lbs.

abt. 65 years”
(Ochoa, previously 190 Ibs.)

“Primitive but accurate device for firing for darts, poisonous or not.”

I may have made a few mistakes but that should be all of it, more cut C47 stuff to come.



We should all be thankful, especially MrOchoa, that someone looked at the script, probably in horror and decided to do some cuts :laughing:


This one is actually cool, at least the first part, showing that there’s definitely something wrong with 47.

Thanks for sharing this @Ingvar, really enjoyed it.