Dagger Dagger New Challenge

Ha, already got that one! Next?

First try (as is evident from me getting stuck right at the start like an idiot) and I got it in less than 2 minutes. Hoped it would take me more time than that but it’s my fault that I went for the stolen speedrun strats and got stupidly lucky on top of that…

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I’m definitely a fan of both September challenges. They might not have been very difficult, but they were fun. More challenging requirements would be welcome in the future (not overly restrictive though). If future challenges are going to be released in pairs too, a possible compromise might be to have one of them be deliberately harder than the other one.

I would also like to note that both the “simple” requirements, like a mere kill method condition in “Dagger Dagger”, and the peculiar requirements like the unique actions in “Patient 47”, can be interesting to explore.


I noticed we went from seasonal to monthly roadmap.

I hope more challenges will come with new month.


I did it as part of the mission story where we have to lock Ingram and Stuyvesant in that room. That was a great opportunity to listen to Grey’s speech again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not a hard challenge though, but fun to do :smiling_face:


I don’t understand the purpose of the scarf. To me it looks dumb. Imo.

It protects your face and head from dust and sand.

Alternatively, this is yet another cold-weather outfit we don’t have a map for! Argh!


It’s absolutely for dust, sand, etc. You see a lot of dust storms in desert areas and having a scarf, handkerchief, bandana, or mask is essential if you’re going to be out in that sort of environment. We keep bandanas and old COVID masks near our back door so if we have to go out in a dust storm we aren’t breathing that stuff in.


Not to mention, in-universe, in a pinch, 47 could wad it up and shove it in someone’s mouth and down their throat to choke and/or smother them.