Dagger Dagger New Challenge

Dagger Dagger

Has anyone played the new challenge in the main story of Dubai?


I decided to begin as a guard. Get the papers from changing room / kitchen.

After the knife demonstration, he sends his guard away.

Easy Janbiya slice and dump over building. Don’t throw it, Marcus might fall over unless you do Ingram first.


Poison Ingram food, wait till he pukes in bathroom. Janbiya as he pukes.

Exit downstairs by elevator where you near where you meet marcus.

Easy SA


I just ran and stabbed them both and escaped while getting shot at


Didn’t feel like doing it the basic way, so I did it suit only, master mode.

Started by taking an elevator shaft to the room with recorder to make sure no cameras get in the way. Proceeded through the same shaft to the penthouse reception floor and hit both of Ingram’s bodyguards with tranquiliser while he’s heading to the penthouse from the starting location. Since normally no one goes through that corridor, they were basically out of the game at that point. From there I used the radio and vacuum cleaner to get Ingram to play golf. Knocked out the cleaning lady there, stabbed Carl and dumped his body over the edge. The lady spotted me before getting a crowbar to the face (I forgot that window was a mirror) and ruined my SA, but at that point I didn’t feel like restarting.

Stuyvesant was somewhat less elegant. I just shoved everyone from art backstage into boxes, put down one of security’s pistols down in the room with the elevator to get rid of Marcus’ personal guard, then daggered him and dragged him outside, so I could send him to the ground level too and then escape using the nearby parachute.


Tried to do a SASO, did it in master mode because I forgot to change the difficulty.

Started by the lobby with a krugermeier, kalmer and the Jambiya, climbed the vines to the security room where Marcus complains about the guard and waited for him to end the conversation, shot the evidence recorded before he exit the room (if I shot it while he was still complaining he would be distracted and reset the dialog).

When Marcus and his guard went to the backstage area I shot a kalmer dart at his guard, the guard patrolling that area saw the body and lost the enforcer status, allowing me to trespass, kill Marcus and hide his body on the locker unseen.

Climbed some ladders, crossed the helipad, more ladders, avoided the maintenance staff in the ventilation room, climbed a pipe to the terrace, distracted and pacified the guard who patrols that area and hid his body behind some flowerbeds.

Ingram comes to the terrace and I distracted one of his body guards by the central door, left his body there, shot a kalmer dart at the other bodyguard, killed Ingram and dragged his body to the same flowerbeds as the first guard I pacified.

Exited the mission with the parachute under the helipad.

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I did the Assassin that takes a pic of the “dead” reporter -thing for Ingram. I got a bit impatient for an opportunity to kill him and ended up getting shot at… He went under lockdown below the piano and I threw the dagger at him from up there. :confused:

Poisoning his food… Should’ve done it that way.


I would assume a lot of people that wanted to get Silent Assassin alongside completing the challenge did it by rearranging the meeting to lock them in the room in the Penthouse, as its a fairly free way to do it.


As I exited the mission after doing this challenge, there were no guards left alive in the Burj.

I gotta say, after 99% of my recent Hitman time being Freelancer and ETs, it was really, really nice to just go Head Popper Mode without the consequences of dying and losing your progress (or, in the case of ETs, being locked out forever).


I did the New Guard opportunity for Stuyvesant (knifing him after he dismissed his original guard) and then annoyed Ingram enough that he went out to golf. Then I just stabbed him while he was golfing and jumped off the roof.

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I’d be really interested to hear feedback on what you think of the challenge and specificaly the requirements to unlock it, and how it all fits together as a ‘piece of content’.

That will help somewhat in shaping some of the future ones. Obviously no promises, etc.


Personally I found the “Dagger! Dagger!” challenge to be fun and something new, but the other one that was added “Patient 47”… not so much.

“Patient 47” felt too similar to the also recently added “Kick Back Kimono” that even though it had the additional requirement of being infected with the Nabazov virus and didn’t require multiple beds, it just felt very familiar and almost like I was repeating the same challenge - but just in a slightly modified version of Hokkaido to last time too.

I get the theme/idea around the requirements of the challenge given the unlock. But it was too similar that it didn’t feel as fresh as the Dubai one because I don’t think I had approached Dubai in the way that I did for the challenge in quite some time. It actually mirrored my memory of my first ever completed run of Dubai, so it almost felt a little nostalgic to go through that one.


I thought it was a fair challenge to earn a new suit. Not too difficult or too easy. The challenge required an item to kill the regular targets. I liked how there was a note on how to unlock the item for those who didn’t have it yet.

As a piece of content (for the month?) …or obtaining a suit from a cutscene. Again, :+1: it’s alright/pretty cool. :sunglasses:

Edit: Regarding the ‘Patient 47’… The thought I had when doing this was; “This will be the hardest-to-earn suit I’ve ever gotten”. I eventually finished. I get why it was done (using Hokkaido/Patient Zero). But that is probably one of my least favorite missions. :sweat_smile:


That was an interesting challenge.

Not too hard for casual players and also fast to achieve if you master the level enough, plus a way to get a nice using of thje Janbiya knife.

The Tourist Suit is a great addition to the game and will be usable in multiple levels through the WoA :+1:

Looking forward for more HITMAN 3 content!


It was great, but I would have had it where you needed to get the dagger first.

Maybe even add conditions, SA/SO

Keep ‘em coming

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I just want to add my voice to say that I liked it. I support efforts at interconnectivity between maps and missions.

I wouldn’t have been offended had the challenge required SA, but I’m cool that it didn’t.

More stuff like this, please.

“Unlock the Haven Island Swimsuit by blowing up Tyson Williams with the Explosive Xmas Gift” … and whatnot.


If we’re voting, I vote to never have a suit-only complication.

Yeah. SA maybe, but not SO.

The challenge itself was alright (I kinda winged it, although it was still fun), but the requirements were a very good idea and if there were more challenges that required things obtained from different levels coming up I’d be all for it, as it’s a great way to add extra flavor to some levels and tie the whole game as a complete experience.

I got full mastery on everything but the sniper maps ages ago, so obviously it wouldn’t be an incentive to replay some levels to increase mastery and get the related unlocks for me, but it could possibly be one for some people.


I like how a route for Dagger Dagger involved more planning and choice than something like Kick Back Kimono where you can pretty much just start in the morgue and get the challenge done relatively quickly. I wouldn’t mind having more conditions added to prompt less obvious/easy approaches, as long as it still leaves room for different solutions.

Doing this mixing of destinations involved in a challenge isn’t something that blew me away (though I don’t mind it), since I already have full mastery on all non-sniper maps, but I like how it prompted using an unlock that probably isn’t used much otherwise.
Perhaps later down the line there could be some “quest lines” involving the unlocks: complete challenge A to unlock X, complete challenge B that requires X to unlock Y and so on. Though of course that bears the cost of making multiple unlocks and challenges at once.


I vote to have a suit only complication and it must be the signature suit. :grin:

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Tactical Turtleneck WITHOUT gloves!

I’ll be in the angry dome if anyone asks.