Dalia skips her smoke break?

Playing on H3, master difficulty. I loosen the valve on the gas lamp as I’ve done countless times before, but she never goes for the smoke break. Did something change with an update or am I missing something? I’ve only recently tried this method after a long time without doing it.

pretty sure she smokes only if you trigger the fireworks. don’t think its part of her normal route.


Yeah, set off the fireworks show and you’re golden. Be sure to get the guard on the balcony out of there first if you’re going for SA, because he’ll die too. Best way is to leave a weapon or briefcase there and throw a coin to get him to turn around and look at it. Once he grabs it, hit the fireworks remote and bug out. Dalia will be biting dust within a minute.


Which means in order to do this method you have to resist the pretty awesome double elimination where you push her on top of Victor.

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The question is whether or not it was always like that. There have been countless tweaks over the past six years. I swear I remember that for a while, she would stop by the gas lamp for a quick smoke and make a comment about how the fireworks show hadn’t started yet.

Or am I fake news?

I don’t remember that ever happening. Only her going outside after the fireworks show has started.

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i am 99% certain she never went out for a smoke on that balcony directly overlooking the helicopter, as part of her normal route. she has always alternated between the party, the auction, and her office.

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