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A thread to show off the beautiful Garden Show in Dartmoor. Take photos of all the magnificent sights and post them here. Or if you have VR, give members here your very own tour! The plants, the guests, the animals, and music! So much beauty to take in. Grab your cameras :camera_flash: Show off some of your own (edited, if you so choose) shots & enjoy! (I have a ton of pics. Will upload them next time I fire up the game. :blush:

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THE JUDGES👨‍⚖️ 👩‍⚖️


Escalation Levels: ☠️☠️☠️ 1-3

(Targets Random Every Time!)




Plants Around The World (The Greenhouse.)


Let us take a look around inside…

Flamenco Marigold

Tagetes patula

A variety of French marigold useful in the making of perfumes as well as vibrant natural dyes. French marigold cultivars are often planted to deter pests from damaging nearby crops.


Weaver’s Bamboo

Bambusa textilis

While bamboo is seeing increased use as a more sustainable alternative to wood, these sturdy stalks have more in common with a green lawn than a great oak. Bamboo is a kind of grass known to grow quickly (and enthusiastically) under the right conditions. In gardens, bamboo has become a favorite for those seeking added privacy.


Wax Begonia

Begonia cucullata

Begonias make for wonderful ground cover as many cultivars prefer shade, and tend to seed and spread very easily. Their bright, layered flowers will add life and texture to even the plainest gardens, but care should be taken to ensure they don’t roam too eagerly.


Coral Plant

Jatropha multifida

This plant is used in medicinal preparations, although in larger doses it can be toxic. It’s seeds contain an oil with strong emetic properties, which can be fatal when ingested. This is why it is sometimes known as the Physic Nut, the Purging Nut, or the Black Vomit Nut.


Areca Palm

Dypsis lutescens

A popular ornamental houseplant found in many a sunroom and greenhouse. They’re sometimes referred to as Butterfly Palms for the way their stems and leaves are angled, resembling pairs of butterfly wings.


Pine Bonsai

Pinus ponderosa

Though not every layman will agree on the level of craft needed to cultivate a beautiful garden, the reputation of the iconic bonsai tree commands respect from even the most cynical onlooker. Through the use of wire and meticulous pruning, bonsai are shaped and perfected over the course of years — even decades.


Cherry Bonsai

Prunus serrulata

Few plants make as much of a statement as an artfully-shaped cherry bonsai. Although some varieties are easier to care for and “train” than others, there is no denying that the skill and patience necessary to do so are well rewarded when they bloom.


Elephant Cactus

Pachycereus pringlei

Strange as it may sound, this variety of cactus often grows on rocky surfaces with little to no soil. It is able to do so thanks to the bacteria living on its roots, which help both in trapping nitrogen from the atmosphere and breaking the underlying rock down into nutrients which the cactus can process.


Upright Elephant Ear

Alocasia macrorrhizos

These plants thrive in rainforests and are commonly found in the more temperate regions of Southeast Asia. They are also known as giant taro and while not the most popular variety of taro are still an important food source for many.


Lemon Tree

Citrus limon

The ubiquity of the lemon makes it easy to take this fruit for granted, despite some of its more unique properties. A single lemon contains approximately 2/3rds of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C for the average adult. It’s juice can also be used as an effective (though certainly not archival) invisible ink.


Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia indica

The crape myrtle comes by its name due to its flowers, which have a ruffled crepe-like texture. Crape myrtles typically bloom in the summer and their cheerful colours make them a perfect fit for the season.


Snake Plant

Dracaena trifasciata

One, or several? This is the question to ask when observing rhizomatic plants such as the Snake Plant. The rhizome can be considered the plant’s main stem even though it remains in the soil with its roots. All the growth shooting off from the rhizome is therefor part of the same original plant.




A perennial favourite, as many are quick to say. Although the most common garden tulips bear one flower per stem, it is not unusual to see several blooms rising up in tandem from the stems of their wild cousins.


Spectacled Parrotlet

Forpus conspicillatus

A popular pet among those looking for something colourful and talkative, these birds are adept at mimicking the calls of others. Their vibrant plumage may seem to stand out, but it is the perfect camouflage in the less dense forests and scrublands that comprise their natural habitat.


Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates leucomelas

Native to the rainforests of South America, these frogs prefer humid environments but will tolerate a dryer climate when necessary. Their skin secretes a neurotoxin that can cause heart failure in humans and other animals, although efficacy can very depending on the individual frog’s diet.

End of Greenhouse tour!

Ken Takeuchi’s Garden

(More to come)

Manon Beaulieu’s Garden

Gulshan Yazdani’s Garden


Evelyn Crane’s Garden



I love the garden archways :two_hearts:



Are these NPCs new faces? Some NPCs I recognize from other locations, but I’m under the impression that there are new and more realistic looking faces in the Garden Show



Nope, no New Faces so some feature Textures like here. The Base Face is hispanic_50s, so it uses caucasian Skin Textures here:



The “Elusive” Squirrel! :chipmunk:

Mallard Ducks :duck:

Birds :bird:

Parrot :parrot:

Frog :frog:

Got some shots of all the plants and descriptions inside the greenhouse (will upload them all eventually.)


Yay! Thanks for the squirrel pictures. I’ve been trying to catch him without success :sweat_smile:


Lmao no problem! Yeah, in all honesty, it took me quite a few attempts to capture this little s*** :laughing:

Edit - I added some pictures in my original post up above. Check them out and please add some photos of your own as well. I plan on taking about 10-15 photos to showcase each targets individual garden. I don’t have VR but if someone could make a “tour” for each targets garden that would be fantastic! :smiley: (if you have VR that is)

Just wanted to make a poll to see who’s garden was most liked by the majority here…

Who’s Garden Was Your Absolute Favorite in Dartmoor?

  • Evelyn Crane “God Save The Green”
  • Ken Takeuchi “Enshu’s Pavilion”
  • Manon Beaulieu “Sans Pareil”
  • Gulshan Yazdani “The Gate of Paradise”

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Great pics! It’s a shame that the type of squirrel they have added (red squirrel) wouldn’t actually be found on Dartmoor (but then again, neither would poisonous frogs :joy:). It’s really cool that they’ve added them though - it gives a bit more life and makes it feel a bit more realistic. Also the ducks, which just turn on their axis without moving like robots :joy:

I’d like to see a few more little animals like that roaming around. Maybe some cats in Chongqing or something like that.


Considering the red squirrel is native to my country and the grey squirrel is the reason they’re dying, I’m all for this red squirrel representation in Hitman.


Thank you very much! But yeah the squirrel does look a bit off lol what’s with the red eyes? Haha

Yeah, that would be really neat to see in the future. I miss having animals in Hitman levels like that. (Cats, Dogs) i do find it a bit surprising they didn’t add chipmunks or rabbits. Besides ducks, IO obviously has a thing for rabbits as well. (47’s pet in the asylum — Berlin — bank robber mask etc.)

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Yeah, I wondered if they were meant to be stoats (or possibly weasels). It’s definitely a good habitat for a stoat, but they usually have light colour fur on their underside.


I realise they’re fairly limited with the detail of the assets, but red squirrels have tufty ears, bushy tails, and, as you pointed out, definitely do not have demon eyes! :rofl:


Absolutely! Now that you mentioned it. The “squirrel” in game does in fact look more similar to the animal picture you provided. Perhaps IO really didn’t mean for it to be a squirrel :man_shrugging:

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the “God Save The Green” has a fun title. that’s all that’s interesting about it, really. the other gardens have more color and light to them

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Agreed. Cranes garden is most definitely my least favorite of the four. Also extremely easy to take her out. Like literally no challenge whatsoever :joy: it’s not even fair!

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Made this when the escalation released. Shows off some of the best bits of the garden show in a minute long reel.


Great video! Thanks for sharing :smiley:

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