Dartmoor Garden Show

It depends how it turns out bc if they’re just escalations with a contact mode then no

I’d take a slightly to significantly reworked map with contact mode as a permanent addition with unlocks over any ET or timed content any day.


Tbh that’s another thing which needs to be done ET as permanent content the replay ability would be amazing


That entirely depends on what the escalation steps are. And moreover, escalations by themselves are not bad. There was clearly a lot of production value put into this.


cough, cough Special Assignments cough, cough.


Yes but if we had all ET being brought back in the game to play whenever it would be better

Not just four


Always glad to have new content in the game, and an Escalation that can host Contracts is an interesting new development, but I’m mildly pleased rather than out-and-out excited about this news.

I like Escalations and nearly always enjoy them… once and once only (which I feel the need to state every time when discussing them). Even if the Kill and Disguise conditions are left completely open, the lack of being able to save whilst playing them deals a major blow to the amount of experimentation and replay value that I’m likely to experience with them, and I still prefer even the most bare bones actual ‘mission’ (e.g. Hokkaido Snow Festival) over the very best Escalations.

I’m happy that this is arriving and that IOI are making it a permanent addition to the game [now can we have Holiday Hoarders, the Hokkaido Snow Festival and the Berlin Egg Hunt back for good as well, please?] because time-limited content in H3 (which we all want to stand long term as the definitive experience of playing the WoA from 2016-2021) is wearing thin at this point.

But while I’d never turn my nose up at new content, I’d like it even more if that content was in something other than the Escalation format given that Escalations have been the only non-time limited ‘new’ content in H3 so far (Featured Contracts are not new content, IMO, as they could be re-created in-game without any involvement by IOI at all).

The Dartmoor Garden Show looks like it will be somewhere around The Mills Reverie Escalation for me: I’m genuinely glad that they’re both in the game, but I’d be even gladder if there was a new mission even at the level of the Hokkaido Snow Festival / Holiday Hoarders / Special Assignments instead, let alone an absolute belter of a Bonus Mission like A House Built On Sand or Landslide.


I’m hoping for a Japanese Garden


Couldn’t of said it better myself


Thats look great i think i gonna love it more than the strange family…

Oh, come on. It’s a regular ordinary average family

With a side of inbred

Yes … no rain
Lots of people, stores open, restaurant more vital with chinese music,
Food vendors outside, no ica facility,
the block will be like chinese kingdom of Lee hong with red lights and chinese staff., thats all i wish… and train station open… i recommend in Chinese nEw Year : D


I wouldn’t dream to big you’ll get very disappointed in the future when you see it as a b-tech version with an escalation strapped to it

Yes… they are usually disappointing…

I’m so excited for this! What an amazing idea for a summer theme, and a great way to change up the Dartmoor map. I always feel like 47 would enjoy plants and gardening - since he tried to retire and become a gardener in Silent Assassin and spends some time as a gardener/handyman in Damnation - so this feels like a good setting for him to explore. I hope we get some dialogue that hints at plant love/knowledge :grin:

Really curious to see whether the house will be accessible, and if so, what will be inside.

Also, I love the suit! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah kinda reminds me of Leon - The Professional with the Plant :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Welcome to the Forum, by the way!


Tell me you can walk around in 47’s suit :open_mouth::crossed_fingers:t2:

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I would honestly never want to touch any of the special assignments again, because at the very least, the dartmoor garden has clearly had more effort put into it, the escalation format seems to be a way to randomise the targets. The way you worded that is very dismissive of escalations as a whole, which i’m finding to be a very common attitude to have in the community.


I don’t think I’m being dismissive of Escalations: I like the format and it’s often fun to play around with mechanics which aren’t in the mainline game (I enjoyed the Laser Tripmines Escalations that we got in H1). I prefer Escalations to Contracts and remember defending them during H1, so its not like I don’t like them as a whole.

But that said, I think that there’s a lack of replayability hard-coded into Escalations due to the inability to save your game, and for my tastes any mission that allows in-game saving is going to be more replayable than content that doesn’t.