Dartmoor impossible to 100%?

What im talking about is that there is this challenge called i find it amoosing whre you have to drop a moose chandelier thingy on top of the targets head. The problem is that for me the challenge doesn’t activate. I know other people have this issue as well , and I have also done a bug report. I still have two question tho.
When will they patch this?
How did other people get it? Did an update break the Challenge?

What platform are you playing on?
Are you trying to drop that one in Alexa’s office? You need to drop that one

I am playing on Xbox and i have dropped that one on her multiple times at the beginning and even after the murder mistery investigation but for some reason it doesn’t work

The “I Find This Amoosing” challenge not popping despite dropping the Moose Chandelier in Alexa’s office on her is a bug that several of us are having and have reported in The Bug Report Thread and on Zendesk.

It’s not yet on IOI’s list of Known Issues, but hopefully they will look into it as it seems to be fairly widespread for people who haven’t already unlocked the challenge earlier in H3’s lifecycle and I imagine they are getting several Zendesk tickets reporting the problem.