Dear IOI, something i've been thinking about Hitman Gamplay

Hi! I have been a long-time Hitman fan since Blood money, and purcahsed the originals (sodename 47 and Conctracts) to see the story behind the puzzling mystery that is 47, Great Story Line.

I am writing this because in most of the recent hitman’s, if you have a disguise and are not authorized to be in a certain area, you have abolu(tion)ely no way pf passing and it sort breaks an immersion that (could) be there.

So, for example, in Chongqing, if i am a street guars, it would be acceptable for a Street guard to alert higher powered (or tiered) enemies that someone is shooting, or trespassing, but with the diguise there is no option for interacting with the AI to ‘fake your way’ into getting more important personnel of an area to investigate, so you could blend in and then subsequently move your way past their previous positions to move forward, like tricking them into looking into a shooting and just bypassing them with the disturbance.

I think if this was a META, it might be a worth while mechanic that people might use if implemented at low to mid level security areas. Thank you.

Interesting idea. Probably difficult to to implement though…

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seems alot like the frisk system, you walk up to them and interact (not sure if prompt needs to be there,) but then you possibly have a commo rose for choices of excuses why when you are in a specific uniform, etc. you need to talk to someone higher up.

It could get bloated and out of control but if left as a fairly simple option at first, i think it would be a very nice addition.