Decreased Performance (PC)

The game was running absolutely beautifully for me the first few days (much better than H2 on the same settings), with basically no lags or stutter. However, this changed yesterday and now it tends to get some pretty nasty lags here and there. It´s very random and varies in intensity, but like I said, the game ran just fine, so I wonder what´s the cause…

Has anybody else experienced this or is it just something on my side?

Tbh, I did update my GPU drivers yesterday actually, and the issue started pretty much right afterwards, so at first I thought that might be the cause, so I uninstalled them and rolled back to an older version (the one which I assume I previously had). It seemed to have worked at first but the lags keep kicking in occasionally, either small or big ones (just now had a massive one in Berlin). Anything else I might try to deal with the issue?