Deleting save game


i have played hitman 2 and i want to re-play it , so i was looking how to delete all my saved to start a new game but i couldn’t reach this information
I am playing the game through epic application and they couldn’t help
thank you

You can reset your profile here:

This will reset everything. All Elusive Target progress, challenges, mastery etc.


On the other hand, if you just want to delete your save game files, you can go to
C:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\IO Interactive\Epic
enter a folder with chaotic charaters name and in that folder you’ll have all your save game files that you can delete like any file on Windows.
But it won’t delete anything except saved games in Load Game menu.

If you want to wipe all your progress completely, like you never played a game, use a link that SilentWraith provided


Do you know how often you can reset your profile? I did it once because some challenges bugged and now it says I’ve reached the maximum number of submissions for this period… how long do I have to wait?

Sorry, I have no clue. It might be worth reaching out to IO themselves to get the answer you’re looking for

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