Deluxe Edition isn't Deluxe from what it seems

Hey Everyone,

So I was looking at the Challenges and came across this.

I was like “hey I’ve seen this before” and then it hit me.

This exact item was advertised for the Deluxe Pack.

So I’m confused now since I’m assuming after we complete these deluxe escalations we unlock a suit, briefcase, and item/weapon.

If anyone can give a comprehensive unlock guide for the deluxe with what we exactly get it would be appreciated.



Non Deluxe owners can never get the Gold Devil suit. So Deluxe owners still have one over.

Also you are given an additional unlock path as Deluxe owner.

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I get that but it’s now blatantly misleading towards Deluxe Owners now since non Deluxe Owners can receive the Golden Dax

What I’m getting at is we payed for this content expecting it to be exclusive, but it turns out it’s not. If it’s another unlock path cool but it’s just weird to me behind this decision.


Maybe it’s NOT exactly a golden DAX? You should complete the escalation first and see if it’s the same Gold DAX Covert.

What if yours comes out as Gold DAX Covert with Laser Sight?

I’m currently working on completing it. Hopefully it’s different, but I won’t know until I finish the escalation.

Also in print and image advertising, only the suits are listed as exclusive to Deluxe owners. But it’s possible they saw nothing wrong with giving Deluxe owners “additional unlock path for weapons”.

the items are identical and identically named


…or a pink “deluxe” sticker on it :stuck_out_tongue:


So unless we get clarification on why it’s a alternative unlock method we really won’t know. It makes you wonder why this weapon item specifically and not Lee Hong or the Dartmoor Escalation.

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they probably ran out of hitman 1/2 unlocks to reuse and instead of making new ones just decided to reuse a deluxe item instead :woozy_face::woozy_face:


Its 1 out of the 9 items. No problem. And we will get more deluxe contracts. So i expect 18 unlocks total. The contracts are really fun. Its still all good.

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I’m just glad they’re unlockeable at all, for a minute i thought i had fallen for a ploy and could only get the costumes.

idk when theyre asking £25 for it i feel like every item counts


Or maybe it’s just the usual “IOI make a mess of saying things one way while writing it another way”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Note: Neither images of the weapons nor the word “weapon” or “weapons” appears in the actual promo image.


It was €12 for me. But i get it.
I dont think they intended to do that though, seems like a mistake.

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I feel like in that case they may have tried to adopt something that others like Ubi do… where paying extra gets you “EARLY exclusive access” to something (eg: 3 operators in R6SIEGE for 1 year).

The way it is now, there is no way for someone to get the Golden DAX Covert faster than someone on the Deluxe Edition. So the unlock path is what you got.

In which case if they said:

“Deluxe owners get Deluxe Escalations. These will reward them with exclusive suits, and provide a faster unlock path for certain weapons.”

that would have been more precise than the still factually correct yet misleading version:

“Deluxe owners get Deluxe Escalations, in-game suits, items and weapons”

In the latter case, which is phrased similarly to their Pre-Launch guide, they actually fail to use the word “exclusive” at all! Meaning… well… whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

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they are masters at that! At this point , if I were the head of IOI , I’d just sent out a mass emailing to the team, and say all players, all platforms get everything! Screw it. Why does it have to be so damn complicated!!!??? Give partial refunds to the people who paid more to get them


All I know from this is I don’t have to grind 30 Featured Contracts which saves me time now since I’ll just need to do 10 to get the Shotgun for Track 2.

As for Escalations I need to do 9 for Track 1 for the ear phones and 15 for Track 2 for the ice axe. So I fortunately don’t have to do much to get anything new right now.

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Yes, but this is why COMMUNICATING is so important. The reason you don’t hear people complain about Operators being “only exclusive for 1 year” when they pay for 10 USD for Season Pass is because Ubi made it clear from the start that the 10 USD pass exclusivity ends in 1 year.

So everybody who bought that knows what they’re getting. Ubi are also diligent with phasing out the passes when they know 1 year is up or they tell people “We are retiring the pass from the store because the 1 year period is nearing its end. It will be replaced on X date with next Season’s pass.”. They don’t usually wait for the last minute where someone might get the pass and only realize they have 24 hours left of exclusivity lol.

There’s nothing wrong with saying the main thing on offer is actually the Deluxe Escalation which happens to give you a Deluxe unique suit and “an unlock path for a weapon”. If they told you that from the start, then you wouldn’t have these feelings now.

But that’s not what happened.


I feel like IOI’s designers have the right idea… but the execution maybe changes slightly and they don’t do a follow up meeting. To be honest, the images and articles/print “confusing guides” seem to be made with incomplete knowledge.

I’ve always wondered why they don’t LIST out one-by-one everything when they mean “items” or some such. Again, others do this better.

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