Deluxe Escalation - The Asmodeus Waltz

It might just be by design, the challenges only displaying one of the two Deluxe items for beating the escalation.

Have we ever had a challenge reward the player with more than one unlock before? It’s always been 1-to-1, I’m sure. So it’s just incapable of showing the briefcase and SMG.

Yeah, that’d be the explanation I’d go to. Probably an automated system and it was more hassle to display both than it was worth

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Went back and got SA, not super difficult at all once you really know the map and the easy suit only routes to the top. Biggest pain was the tech worker, but I got there in the end.

Getting SA in all three deluxe escalations felt good. Looking forward to the other three.


I guess maybe the implication is the item is in the case? Sort of like a bonus.

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I completed all three levels of this escalation. I have the suit and briefcase but not the SMG. Has this bug happened to anyone else?


That was really cool but man do I hope they patch the panicked guards issue this month.

This state always was there as far as I can remember.
This is one of those consistent bugs (or maybe this particular thing is not a bug, but feature, who knows) that migrate from game to game


It’s one of those things that always works for someone else, but never for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah that’s not really a bug per se, so it doesn’t deserve a patch.
Like Rushmore wrote, it has been through all games.

It’s just a way to manipulate NPCs.
If you’re gonna remove the ability to panic armed or non-armed NPCs, something else would have to be sacrificed.
There was a time in H1 where bullet distractions didn’t even work, now that must have been horrible.

It’s safe to say that it’ll stay as it is.


Really enjoyed this, especially the way level 2 had you constantly switching disguises as you make your way up the tower; there was a nice sense of progression there.

I don’t think shooting near guards should make them ignore you, no. Absolutely not. I think that has to be a broken mechanic where civilian behavior is messing with guard behavior. Just my opinion though I guess.


It’s not Martinez’ ghost! If you get behind the Devil, you’ll see he also has a bald head and a barcode on his head.

Agent 17 or one of the 48’s giving spiritual guidance to their brother? Or a ghost of 47’s past/future? Pity you can’t interact with him in any way.

I liked this escalation, The third level is basically a SONKO. Made me discover a new route in the map I’ll probably be using often.


Martinez just got a haircut and a tattoo after he died :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This gives me huge hope for an Agent 17 suit. That would be a cool escalation idea. You have to take out some targets and on level 3 you have to take out 17 and he shoots at you.

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