Deluxe Escalation - The Asmodeus Waltz

A fun Escalation with cool unlockables, and a new NPC function/feature that makes perfect sense for this Escalation.

The Devil is always watching.

Level 1
  • Eliminate Mariam Amir
  • Eliminate Mahmood Salman
  • Eliminate Basant Pal
  • Complication - Restricted Loadout
Level 2
  • Eliminate Mariam Amir - Explosion
  • Eliminate Mahmood Salman - Accident
  • Eliminate Basant Pal - Fire Axe
  • Eliminate Oscar Malm - Electrocution Accident
  • Eliminate Roberto Franculitta - Drowning Accident
  • Complication - Restricted Loadout
Level 3
  • Eliminate Mariam Amir - Golden SMG while wearing the Devil’s Own Suit
  • Eliminate Mahmood Salman - Golden SMG while wearing the Devil’s Own Suit
  • Eliminate Basant Pal - Golden SMG while wearing the Devil’s Own Suit
  • Eliminate Oscar Malm - Golden SMG while wearing the Devil’s Own Suit
  • Eliminate Roberto Franculitta - Golden SMG while wearing the Devil’s Own Suit
  • Complication - Restricted Loadout
  • Complication - No Disguise Changes
  • The Devil’s Own Suit
  • Golden Briefcase
  • Dak Gold Covert

Personally my least favourite of the three. Felt like a generic contract rather than a deluxe escalation to me

Will give your playthrough a watch tho (saw your times on the leaderboard when I played and was impressed :wink:)

The Martinez Ghost NPC was a nice touch, reminded me of Santa in Paris


I haven’t played the other two yet, but I take your word on it that they’re better, which I would hope that they are :+1:

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Been waiting for people to start posting their runs. I didn’t notice the vine climb so that will be helpful for my future runs. Great video, thanks for sharing :grin:.


So help me out here. I went to try this one and the game warned me I might spoil content I haven’t played yet. Is this linked to another escalation I am meant to do first?

I didn’t see anything spoilery in it (though I haven’t played the Chongqing one yet). I think it’s either a bug or maybe IO being cheeky.

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My dumbass spending about several minutes trying to find a way to reach Mahmood Salman in the disguise without realising you can just climb those red plants in the atrium :sob:

Probably the easiest of the three deluxe escalations, but that’s to be expected since its the first one. I really like the SMG and briefcase. Its a shame I almost never use SMGs though.

The briefcase is really awesome, I unlocked it and it’s already my favorite :heart_eyes:

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best escalation omg :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:

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But no free saving -.-
The second one with all the different methods - would love it if I could save freely, hate and and won’t even try without a guide. Some may like this, but the stressful gameplay when you know that every mistake might mean you have to do everything over again is just a no go for me and completely destroys the fun and tension

Enjoyed this Escalation, but REALLY despised the pause at the beginning for the final escalation. I understand why they put it in there (to show where the golden gun/suitcase are for the mission), but there has to be a better way of portraying that. Every time that “pause” threw me off my rhythm.


Just did this myself. Only real tricky part for me was the tech guy, but it definitely tests your map knowledge a lot which is what good escalations do. I actually thought level two was harder in a way because I didn’t know where many items were.

I did get 4 stars for being caught trespassing once sneaking through a security area. Might for SA later, though I’m not super die hard about escalations.

My second most favourite of the three, though I enjoyed them all. It was a real mind bender to finish this one more than the Percival one but still more doable than the Lee Hong one (which I like better don’t get me wrong but its hardly a relaxing romp).

Lee Hong being so insanely rigid in how to do it kinda bugs me.

At least it’s a good challenge. Hitman 3 seems a lot easier than the last two so it was refreshing to be legitimately stumped.

Just now getting to this escalation, bit confused on the rewards.

So… Just starting level 1 gets you the suit, and completing all 3 gets you the suitcase? But does it also grant you the gold SMG?
I know the SMG is displayed in one of the Featured/Escalation tracks, but is that a bug, or the current only way to get that SMG?

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Yeah, you get the gun by completing all levels. The same unlock path applies for the two other Deluxe Escalations.

Suit by starting level 1, briefcase and gun by completing level 3/all levels.

Most likely a bug, there is most likely supposed to be another item to unlock there.
I can’t see why the Gold Dak would be there but not any of the 8 other rewards.


Alright, good. The appearance of the gun elsewhere threw me off.
(And I think the challenges page can only display one reward at a time, so that’s why only the gold briefcase is showing as a reward… There’s no indication of two rewards for completing it. Good to know.)


Yup. You won’t find the challenges that unlocks the guns in the two other Escalstions either. I guess that’s also a bug.
But you’ll recieve the gun once you’ve completed all levels for those Escalations.