Deluxe Escalation - The Gaucho Antiquity

New (Deluxe) escalation in Mendoza.

Level 1 is finding the Guru’s shit. Level 2 is poisoning 3 people and killing them. Level 3 is 5 people.

I was expecting this one to be lame and the other one to be awesome but it’s kind of switched. Level 1 had you sneaking through the level clockwise and level 2 while easy I was able to make interesting trying to crush the target after poisoning him. The shrine being an exit is also a great way of tying into the Cult Leader’s suit as a reference.


Spoiler tags please, some just want to check in if people like it.


It’s promised 3 items to be rewarded for this escalation, but only 2 is shown like challenge rewards: the suit and the emetic pen. Emetic grenade is missing.
Anyone already completed this escalation? Did you get all three items?

Yeah i got all the items, i think it just doesn’t show in the challenge section, but strangely i had to complete Level 1 again as none unlocked the first time

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My level 1-3 SA runs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


The first three deluxe escalations had the same thing, only showing 2 rewards, but all 3 always unlock.

This set of escalations is interesting in that instead of ramping up each level it almost feels like it’s telling a story in 3 chapters. I love the continuity of starting where you end the previous one, collecting your suit and tools, it all feels really well done.


They definitely put more effort into these than usual, to make them feel more “deluxe.” I’m enjoying them a lot.

Ninja one was easy but this one took me a bit. Figured it out eventually, but lost SA because somehow a guard all the way down by the tanks heard silenced gunshots. Weird. I’ll probably replay it for SA tomorrow. Anyway… good escalation overall, but probably my least fave of the Deluxe ones so far.

Is the pen different from a syringe in some way? I doubt it since making it legal would be overpowered as heck.

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Oh, nice! The Barnaby Hornswaggle (the Pirate escalation) in Hitman 2 did this and I really enjoyed that! I like some cool escalations where they mess with starting locations or build off of each level in a different way.


That’s a good run! I couldn’t get all the targets from inside the same room though. I kept dying, so I eventually went with the shoot them from above through the glass method. You have to remove the old couple looking down at the barrel room though which is hard but can be done if you throw the guru grenade at the perfect place at the perfect time when no one sees you.

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Did anyone else not use either of the two emetic tools to do the 3rd level? So easy if you abandon those and use another method instead!

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Yep, used the rat poison and ventilation system. So much easier.


I used the rat poison but I also used the guru grenade to clear out the viewing area by the bar so they wouldn’t see me using a silenced rifle.


I actually like the setup for it. Level 1 gave you the grenade and pen and then you used them in Level 2. I remember when level 2 loaded I thought “How do I get 3 people with two poisions?” and then figured out that the grenade would hit both of the two. By level 3, I was trying to figure out how to get all 5 knowing the pen would get one. Did they get close enough to grenade?

Then I remembered the ventilation system. Brilliant!


I’m actually pretty surprised, it’s one of the best escalations of them all.

Going from poisoning 1 target, to 3 targets, to 5 targets is just smart design.

Plus, the escalation has a really consistent theme that explores one mechanic in particular.

That each step is basically a different mission is the cherry on top.


This is a pretty neat escalation, even just from playing the first level.

The target that only appears after you’ve collected all the items, plus there’s a unique indicator showing when he’s poisoned and Ok to kill. (unfortunately I had already KO’d him, so I needed to get someone to wake him up.)

I also enjoy how there’s a unique exfiltration point, probably where Level 2 picks up from.

It is a bit strange to me how all the special items get unlocked after completing the first level, though I understand it fits with the whole “collect these items” challenge. But, if you’re only in it for the items, there’s no real incentive to playing the rest… (Not that I am! I’ll be completing the rest)

Edit: I feel like the Guru Emetic Grenade should be legal to openly carry with the Guru suit. I get that’s a mechanic that isn’t used often (IIRC, only with Corky and his Bat), but it would be nice, since it literally has his name on it, and it’s not like a lethal weapon.

Edit 2: Alright. I like how this escalation builds off each level in a meaningful way. The last level was fun to SA. On to the Proloff Parable, now.


I’m stuck at level 3. I turned on the ventilation system and put in the emetic, but the poison is stuck in the lower level and doesn’t reach into the room where the targets are.
Is this a bug or ?

Nah you have to activate another panel to get it to rise up, it’s in the security office above the wine room. The digital display with 4 options. Press “turn on ventilation” or something


Had to complete this for the first time again over on the Xbox and the struggle was real. After completing it previously with relative ease, I just could not get an accurate throw with the grenade on Level 2. Two or three times the poison only affected one of the guards. Of all the things that have the potential to go wrong, it’s apparently my terrible accuracy. Still a fun escalation overall.