Deluxe Escalations happen during 47's coma?

Hi guys! One thing I’ve noticed while playing the deluxe escalations is that the outfits are from previous games. Is it possible that the deluxe escalations happen side by side with the 7DS escalations?


Never thought much about deluxe excalations’ cononicity to be honest. Interesting theory.


I don’t think so as Romania is among them and 47 wouldn’t know that Place yet.


EDIT: I thought this was about 7DS; don’t mind my brain fart

I thought you meant the 7DS at first? Those dream sequences take place after 47 has been poisoned in Mendoza.

As for the Deluxe Escalations, I’m not too sure where they take place in the canon timeline to be fair, so it’s a good question. To be honest, I think they’ve just been put together to unlock the suits and these particular Escalations have no bearing on the story.

I could definitely see it for Dubai’s and Berlin’s because they have a dreamlike narrative