Detailed and textured training missions

So HITMAN has like 2 training missions (or 4 if you count the arrival what is more just a walking tutorial and freeform training), I would like to see them like fully detailed or textured so they arent just cardboard.

As in, there’s an actual helicopter exit instead of pushing a button? I mean, that kind of defeats the purpose since the training levels are meant to be just playing pretending with actors

But, there is such a thing as mods…so maybe your wish could come true


I think @kubason meant a “true” version of the map. Presumably through the same rework used for the Dartmoor Garden Show (change in geography), and the Envy escalation (change in texture and props).

As an aside : when we first found out about a new code name for a new map (Rocky Dugong, which turned out to be Ambrose), I actually thought that this kind of rework was the plan. The devs were much more ambitious though.

So, for the freeform training, something looking like this :


I’d rather see them untextured – for a moment. I have a sense that the polygons are more suited to the “cardboard” or plywood mock-ups already in the game. I could be wrong. Call it a hunch based on how 47 moves when walking on some of the floors. (It’s too much to explain)

I do think, technically, the OP means “retextured” (or, that’d be a more accurate term). Because everything is already textured. Also, that’d be a lot of work. I wouldn’t have any hope of it ever happening… Outside of mods (which was already mentioned).

Edit: There’s also the background… Would the ship need to be placed into water? Given a skybox? Then you’d have working out the details of the land and what’s all beyond just the area you first walk around - before boarding the ship… Like I said. A LOT of work.

Edit 2: Or just drop it into Hantu Port. :smile: :+1:

Heepo started a mod of this with a bitta help, but it sorta dropped off