"Diana, she..."

For all the questionable decisions that went into making this game, what cracks me up the most is that every single time I load the main menu, every single time, I have to hear this dialogue snippet, and even when I’m button-spamming to get through it as soon as possible, it will still make me listen to at least “Diana, she…”

I recently went back to knock out all the challenges in Absolution and spent a fair amount of time with the game, so by now “Diana, she…” is somewhat tattooed into my brain.

Even better, this sound plays at the screen where you select between Story Mode and Contracts Mode, you know, Contracts Mode, that mode that was removed a few years ago and doesn’t even exist anymore. Just makes the whole thing even sillier.


I don’t remember this. What kind of tone does he say it in?

i think its victoria, i remember it all too well. its etched on the inside of my skull



The whole line doesn’t happen to be “Diana, she always talks about him…way back when they first worked together”, does it?

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Yep, that’s the one.

If I remember correctly, they removed that selection screen in GOG.com and HD Enhanced Collection version.

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You are correct. The dialogue is no longer in the HD Collection.

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That is part of cut content that had Victoria giggling that Diana always gets this look when she talks about 47…like she’s in love with him…

So naturally it’s near and dear to my heart :wink:

Honestly that line of dialog is still one of my favourite bits of Absolution. The biggest issue I had with it is that it… well it didn’t really set you well up for the game that was to follow.

That and I think they were pushing Contracts mode just a little too hard.

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And as we all know, the “hitman players” voice would go on to become Diana in the next game in the series. f a t e