Did I waste my money or not?

I bought the hitman hd pack,(contracts and SA) for my xbox one digitally, now even though its said to be backwards compatible, it isn’t working, any tips or did I just lose 15$?

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Can you give us some more details? A screenshot could help, I’m not sure what you mean by it isn’t working.

Does this thread apply to you? The OP says the solution worked for him.

Worst case scenario: it does turn out to be a big problem, but you might be able to get a refund if you act quickly enough.

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its not letting me play SA or Contracts, its making me sign in my old 360 account, but It won’t let me, and I tried downloading my xbox one account on it, but I can’t remember the Microsoft password.

Backwards compatibility has nothing to do with having a Xbox 360 account, so no clue why it would ask you to sign in with one!? Think about it, that would mean backwards compatible games for the newer systems could only ever be played by people who had an original Xbox account back in the day. So it’s not that.

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welp, nvm, I figured it out, I just needed to reset my xbox 360 storage, so I could log on with my current xbox one account, but thx for the suggestions!