Different game idea for future

Idea for new game? I think having a hitman game that starts out playing as 47 when he’s a child. Similar to the early comic for the begining part of the story line and progressing through his early years to teens and so on.

I’ve been a fan for over 20 years and I think that would be very interesting for a new game. Almost like a whole different level.

Maybe being offered different contracts throughout and being able to decline or accept depending on difficulty and payout (similar to freelance mode) Also being able to customize weaponry (similar to blood money). Eventually leading up to events in Silent Assassin where he goes up against clone 17. Also when 47 kills off the rest of the clones but make those into separate levels like doing contracts, getting the target before the other clones then go after the clone before the mission is over.

Also possibly unlocking upgrades like Absolution where its level 1,2, and 3. Like the chameleon upgrade. Also the way instinct would show you where a NPC would be walking (the line of small flames).

Would love to hear back even if the anybody thinks this idea is useless or useful.

The twist? He’d still have @David_Bateson’s voice even as a kid!


What if it was narrated?

What if it could be narrated? Plus it would be him growing up so his voice would still be in play, narrating throughout then becoming the main voice over becoming older. Just a thought.