Dillema about Escalation?

Sorry if its stupid question ,but u know, im curious girl :upside_down_face:
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Im doing Paris now but first i did Training Facility and i have 76% (im sure i will go back to try to get some % more). That map has 2 Escalation, one iss on boat with Kevin and 2nd one is in airplain hangar, buth have 5 levels

Kevin one, i did 4 levels, Hangar one- 2 levels (so both are unfinished for now)

When i complete lets say Kevin/Boat party one, will i get some % in level completion or not?

And i can see that Paris has quite a few Escalation.

And second Q, do you think it is good to finish like 20-25% of map, do some Escalations, and then go back to map? Do they meybe help about learning map and character behavior better?

Thanks and happy holidays!

  1. yes they count towards progression because they have a challenge tied to them (it’s just complete the escalation, nothing special) and
  2. I’d play the map, do some challenges and learn the map inside out for escalations because they can be difficult if your not prepared.
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I find that doing escalations helps you learn about specific aspects of a map that you wouldn’t otherwise learn about, key points in named NPC’s routines, location of special items, paths to take etc. Which you can then you use to better pull off feats in the main mission. Especially if you turn off instinct and guidances like I do, this will help you a lot to learn the map.