Disable gamepad


I’m a disabled PC gamer. I’m not able to move my fingers very well - so I’m using gamepad (for walking, jumping, …) + mouse (for aiming, shooting, …) for playing games. Hitman 3 doesn’t allow that… Every time I press a button the game switches between mouse + keyboar and controller. Is there an opportunity to disable gamepad recognition?

A program like JoyToKey, or something similar, might be able to do this.
You would need to configure the controller to emulate the keyboard inputs.

I already use JoyToKey but it still doesn’t work…

Have you tried disabling the driver in Device Manager?

If you mean the game controller driver, yes I did. But if I do that nothing works.
I also tried to find a config of the game where I could disable something like ‘usegamepad=1’ but I found nothing unfortunately.
I don’t understand why they can’t add a funktion in the settings where you can choose between mouse + keyboard or gamepad like in other games…

These are the only other possible solutions that I can think of:

  1. Try running JoyToKey as an administrator.
  2. Plug the controller in after loading the map.
  3. Bind all of the controller buttons to keyboard buttons.
  4. Install a custom driver.