Discover Berlin Challenge Bugged?

Hi All,

The Discover Berlin Challenge is the last one from Berlin Location which i am missing. i Got 17/22 Progression, but i have 22 Locations on the Map revealed.

Is there a way to reset this? Pls help.

Hello, quentar. :slightly_smiling_face:

You may try the solution listed here. If it doesn’t fix, wait for an official announcement. There has been multiple reports regarding this, so it shouldn’t take long for IOI to notice.

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when i deleting all local data, will my challenges which i received will be all lost?!

fyi, playing on PC, Epic Games

No, they shouldn’t. All of your progressions are saved via clouds to IOI’s servers. Honestly, I don’t think this will fix, so I was only making you notice a possible solution. By doing so, you will delete saves you made during gameplay as well as your settings.

hm ok, next challenge will be: finding location where epic game launcher stores savegames and settings :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have this bug as well, posted it in the big thread. I had one location left, the radio tower, and once I got up there I got the “rule of threes” challenge and even the Epic Games achievement for discovering Berlin, but did not get the in-game challenge for it. Since it seems a common bug, hopefully IOI can fix it rather than us being barred from 100% for a long time like I was in Hitman 2.

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i proceed with china challenges now, as dubai, dartmoor and berlin are done (except of the location challenge) hope they can do something… wanna go for 100% on all locs.

I tried deleting my saves and it did nothing. Mine is a single location bug though, the challenge shows 21/22 and I know that 22nd one was the radio tower, which I did.

it is so annoying and unsatisfying :frowning:

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very much so :confused: Also why is there no Gas Station / Tankstelle Location on the list of Discovery Locations pretty big miss here from the devs ^^

there is also no “ufo escape” challenge but its ok, would be enough for me to know how to reset the locations :slight_smile:

Did the Ufo thing already (It’s amazing). Yeah could have been a great challenge. (Like the Dolphin escape in Miami)

Would be nice if they fix the locations

They cut back on the [Redacted] challenges to cater to the casuals who aren’t that into finding such obscure content but still want to 100%.

I dunno, most of the [Redacted] challenges were just kind of annoying.

Casual or otherwise, you just had to look up the solution for some of them.

Got this bug on Dartmoor, 14/22 locations discovered even though i unlocked the trophy for discovering all of Dartmoor.
Also unable to unlock the “escape via motorcycle” even tho I know ive done so several times!
Really annoying for someone like me who has OCD.

Same for the easter eggs, but if they had redacted challenges people would bitch about it instead of having fun searching.

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Location bug here as well. Stopped counting at 15/22. Reloaded a saved game and lost 6 more! Currently at 9/22 with no undiscovered markers showing. Tried deleting local saved games…no go. Unlocked the tower location and the XBox achievement popped for finding all locations! Yet, the challenge counter still sits at 9/22. Hope IOI fixes this…

You need to go round to the other side of the bike and exit the mission. If you exit from the gate side of the bike it doesn’t pop!

I’ve got the opposite problem with the Discovery challenges. They’ve all popped, but I’ve still got undiscovered locations marked on the map. No matter how many times I get them all and complete the mission, next time I play the mission - the markers are back.

Happens in Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing and Mendoza.

On the bright side, it’s easy XP for each run. :laughing: