Discover Dubai challenge/trophy glitched

I think that this problem is strictly tied with the problem of players that played in between the carryover was fully done are experiencing mastery level gone.

I unlocked the discovered locations challenge but probably some location in previous playthrough and others after the transfer.

Now the challenge is unlocked but not the trophy. I tried to go again in all the locations of the map and I have no undiscovered locations left so I’m basically stuck without possibility to obtain the trophy.

I hope maybe one day IOI can fix this.


I have the inverse of this! My achievement (Xbox) popped when I discovered all the locations, but the save file was bugged or something, and I couldn’t complete the mission (it’d lose connection during the escape animation – but my challenges saved, as mastery was listed as having progressed once back to the main menu). But when I started my second run on the level, Discover Dubai was at 31/33, but all the locations were revealed. So now I can’t complete the challenge!

And for the record, I waited to play until after my carryover was complete.


I had an issue like this today with Berlin, but I was able to resolve it. Here’s what I did:

  1. Close the game.
  2. Delete all local saved files (you won’t lose any progress as it will be redownloaded when you reconnect, but you will lose saved states).
  3. Re-launch the game, connect to the servers and load into the location.

When I did this, even though I was missing only one discovery marker - about 6 showed up on my map. 5 of these when I visited them gave me the on-screen messages without affecting the challenge, but the final one that had previously glitched did affect the challenge and it unlocked.

The six that appeared on my map were all ones that I had visited at the end of my discovery quest, so one of them had been marked as complete in my local copy of the data - but obviously it never made it to the servers to register for the challenge.


Unfortunately, either I played too much after encountering the issue, or mine is broken in a different way, as that didn’t do anything for me.

And further looking, it seems my The Classics for Dubai is also borked, as that bugged gamee was also a Silent Assassin one, which unlocked the challenge, but didn’t give my The Classics credit (still at 2/4 – haven’t done a sniper run yet, but have SASOed it, which is 3/4).

Thank you for the help but I’ve read that your issue was that locations discovered was at 21/22 with no other marks on the maps and with your fix the challenge and trophy unlocked but for us the problem is that we already have the challenge unlocked but no trophy however I’ll give this method a try too.

Did this work for you ?

Nope we have to wait a fix from IOI

Ah hopefully it fixes soon.

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Same for me here. Locations discovered 21/22, no challenge or trophy unlock. The last place I discovered was the Sniper area and it pop up but it didn’t finished the challenge or gave me the trophy. I should have have reload the game in that instant. 🤦🏻

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Nah reload doesn’t do nothing if is a server issue so we’re just unlucky.

IOI will fix this for sure.

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I have the same problem on ps4. I did the challenge « Explore Dubai » but it doesn’t unlock the trophy. All the updates that have been released so far have not solved the problem for me. This prevents me from getting the platinum trophy…