Discussion about the upcoming ET's. (elusive targets)

Im sure everyone has heard of the two upcoming ET’s. The deceivers on sapienza this is the place to discuss.

I played through them in Hitman 2. I gotta say, the whole double target thing didn’t work at all since you have to do it in one go.

Still it was a fresh concept and it’s a shame they didn’t continue to pair old ones.
Would’ve been interesting and a fresh breath to an old Elusives

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Hopefully they do this for any other Hitman 1 ETs they do. Which ones would you like to combine?

Was really hoping the “change” they were making was to have elusive targets be added permanently over time, and am really sad to see the end date on these guys.


that’s the point of elusive targets tho.

IOI should just combine all ETs for one location and release them as permanent levels. I wanna see how quickly speedrunners can take out 9+ targets SA.


I don’t have any preferences, just would like to see continuation of this idea

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That would be cool + contract mode. It would also be very weird to see the bodyguard AIs in all it’s versions in one mission. :joy:

Not that I fully believe it but might as well make a wild prediction, IO are going to make ETs a permanent unlock after you complete them.

That’s just the window you have to initially play the contract, get a leaderboard score, and unlock them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Some modders managed to somewhat do this (all ETs of a map loaded in. But only one is actually marked as a target) it has hilarious results lol

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