DLC Access Question

I just wanted to confirm one question I have regarding the DLC for the WoA Trilogy. I play on Xbox and have access to the WoA through Game Pass, and I own both the H2 Expansion Pack and the Deluxe Pack (not the 7DS yet). However when I play on an account that isn’t my main account I made the purchase with, even if my account is still signed in, it will say I don’t have access to those, normally with other games as long as the account with ownership of the content stays signed in or has that particular console set as home Xbox, other accounts get access to what it owns as well.
I’m asking because I was planning to use another account to do a replay of every mission from scratch but I can’t do stuff like New York or Haven and I wanted to know if this is intentional on the game’s end and if there’s a workaround or there’s just no way to play the DLC content without re-purchasing it on that account, which I obviously don’t plan on doing.

I have never had an issue with the DLC and a Home Xbox setting for a second account. Mind you, I haven’t tried since the game was added to GP in 2022.

I’ll go back and check later this week, but i have never encounter this issue between my account and my son’s.