DLC for Freelancer

Now that we have had a taste of Freelancer, what do people think of IO releasing some paid DLC in the future - using the new mode as its foundation?

I can see the Freelancer feeling a bit lifeless in the long run, but the potential is so big. If they’re planning on paid DLC, I think I would prefer it on the Freelancer side. The gameplay itself feels so addictive and fresh already.

I would personally love if IO, at some point, found a way to breathe more life into the mode with some sort of new special new targets, with a story, cutscenes, more new gear and progression, etc. And I wouldn’t mind paying for it. Am I alone in this?

Disclaimer I don’t mean microtransactions. Useless gear purchases and so fourth. I am talking about substantial new campaigns, maps, etc.

Nah… besides some decorations had (premium) in their name, so I guess some paying stuff is gonna happen

I would have paid for Freelancer itself, so of course I would pay for Freelancer DLCs too.


As fun as I’m sure full-fat Freelancer will be (having sampled the CTT myself), for me there’s still nothing better in a Hitman game than travelling to a brand new location for the very first time like we did with Ambrose Island earlier this year.

If IOI wanted to bring in further revenue for H3 in years to come, I’d sooner chuck a bit more money at them for a full new Location than I would smaller amounts for incremental additions to Freelancer mode.


I’m pretty sure the “premium” stuff is for people who have the deluxe edition (as an additional bonus/incentive for the people who paid for it)

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I haven’t noticed, but I don’t mean microtransactions… Useless gear purchases and so fourth. No one wants that stuff. I am talking about substantial new campaigns, maps, etc.

I’d still prefer to pay for something on that scale in the ‘main’ game rather than Freelancer, personally. That’s where the heart of HITMAN gameplay is for me: organically discovering hand-crafted cinematic kills is my preference over improvisation to take down randomly/procedurally generated targets.


Before talking of any DLC I would like to have a finished and polished base. From what I have seen that is not the case.


Now this is something that would be really cool to see.

It could explore more after 47 acquired the Safe house and what other hits he took up to fill in his time before the next big game.

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Indium’s love a paid DLC! If only to assuage the feeling of guilt I feel towards IOI. They’ve been giving me way too much stuff for free already!

I wouldn’t mind a new map or two exclusive to Freelancer that is just some general public setting that doesn’t have to be built around a campaign story. Doubt we would see it happen, but I can dream nonetheless.

I actually have a post ive been writing ideas done for ideas for Freelancer post-launch support that i wont think of writing until ive got the mode for myself on jan 26

It’s probably easier to redecorate existing maps than to build a new yet simple one from scratch.

I’d be up for a few reskins/ day night/ weather.
Club Holle in different themes (angels/demons like blood money)

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Huh! I didn’t even notice. Do you remember which ones had that? Was it a specific kind or visual style of decorations?

So this isn’t necessarily a Freelancer DLC idea, but this topic prompted an idea. It’s probably been discussed here before i joined but i just thought, as a final DLC to close off Hitman 3.

MI6 is already established in the Hitman universe, they hired the ICA for the Paris contract. James Bond is an MI6 agent, and IO’s next game is Project 007. So, could there be a Hitman/Bond crossover? I don’t mean them teaming up, that would seem weird, but something like MI6 decide they have to come after 47/Diana following the events of freelancer. A final DLC pack of story missions ala Patient Zero telling the story of 47/Diana being hunted by one of the most professional intelligence agencies in the world.

Yeah, that applies to the game as a whole :joy:

Some of the basement posters, paintings, other stuff as well… I think the moving targets at the shooting range as well? Nothing out of the ordinary tbh. Only one that stood out was the H2016 music pack, which I believe was also labeled as premium.

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I think that future paid DLC for Freelancer will depend on two things:

(a) on how many with a Hitman 3 account play Freelancer next year.
(b) whether they will have future plans to build a rogue-like Hitman expansion for Project 007.

Hitman Freelancer was conceived before HITMAN2016, and its financial backing only took place once IOI received a windfall of profits from Hitman 3 sales.

If IO do make any updates to Freelancer, I really doubt they’d charge for them. Consider how much content was included in the Closed Technical Test, and it only included a quarter of the total Mastery unlocks and less than half of the maps available in the full release. They’re providing this huge mode to all Hitman 3 players 100% free, I really doubt they’d make a relatively smaller update to the mode paid.

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Premium = deluxe pack
(at the moment that is)

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No offence to Miss Burnwood, but having choice on handler would be great.

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