Do you enjoy Hitman 3 last contents?

Note that this thread is not supposed about complaining about the content’s quality. But if you think it’s somehow annoying, apologize.
I just want to ask to the community here if you enjoy the last contents released on this game across this year. Personally, I found myself to not care anymore about it. The deluxe pack seemed a good deal at the release, and the first three escalations were actually decent with nice unlocks, especially the three unique suits. The last three were pretty okay, but it weren’t at the same level of the previous ones, and even the unlocks weren’t really essentials (apart the great white shadow suit). The 7DS were, IMO, a mixed bag, with some unique escalation that gives some experimental concepts on the WOA formula, but I enjoyed only few of them, and the unlocks, beside the Snail, were almost useless or not essential at best.
Even the last unlocks don’t really appeal me, like the new Polar suit, or the unlocks related to featured contracts, wich i don’t feel the urgency to obtain asap.
Personally, I begin to ignore this game until few days ago, when I started again to playing the contracts of the Sonko challenge thread, and that’s, actually, the only personal motivation to keep playing this game.
As I said in the beginning, my objective with this thread is not about complaining, not only at last, but just to discuss about the current state of the content in this game, and maybe realize if it’s just me if I don’t enjoy the game properly.

I enjoyed most of it. Hitman 3 was my first Hitman game so I don’t really have any benchmark. My main irritation is the lack of freedom and saves in some escalations.

Outside of the Dartmoor Garden Show, the most enjoyable things to me were the Elusive Targets, mainly the legacy ones which had level-specific suit unlocks cause I got into Hitman after the ETs were wrapped up in 2 so it was nice to be able to unlock the suits in 3 cause I’ll never be able to in 1 or 2.


I’m getting from your text that you haven’t played The Dartmoor Gardenshow, so you should definitely try it out. It’s almost like a Bonus Mission, just without a Story behind it.

I actually played it one time, and it bored me after the 1st playthroug.
I also played some contract on it, but it left me unsatisfied. I dunno, probably it’s my fault for not being able to enjoy the game. I actually forgot to mention DGS in my first post.

Nevermind, at last I see people still keeping enjoying the game, and I think it’s better to not bother people with my complaints. :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like DGS could have been a little more fleshed out, the targets weren’t all that interesting. But then again, early days of Hitman 3 support. There’s still 2022 to go!

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Compared to HITMAN and HITMAN 2 post-launch content, then can do better. Way better…

They made much more and better content on those two previous games with lots of financial and management difficulties.

Now that they have way much money and resources today to achieve this, i think they should focus on finishing the job like needed before sending all their staff into making the Bond videogame.

HITMAN 3 deserves much better than a pack of escalation and bonus skins. It deserves better polish, SO MUCH network issues and bug fixes, and some tweaking regarding textures and lightning.

I hope that Hakan and his talented team of developers will get back to reason and do what is necessary to bring to HITMAN 3 the quality and content it deserves after all those years involved into the franchise and growing experience and features :+1:


play in old Hitman games -and you get more enjoy) and atmosphere

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i enjoy the new ETs, that’s about it. i’m trying to 100% the game not for unlocks but for completion purposes. thinking of doing the trilogy from start to finish with different variations like explosive kills only, etc. maybe it will feel fresh again

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The Deluxe Edition content was a nice nod to the past games, thought that was really cool. I’m still hoping though we get some bonus levels for Hitman 3 maybe next year :crossed_fingers:t2: