Documenting history of hitman sniper: the shadows

I have decided to create a post about my fidings about shut down mobile game Hitman sniper: the shadows. There is generally little information about it, but the last part of the game that didn’t come out because of studio shutting down isn’t mentioned anywhere. So I decided to dig a bit and quickly found out that the third map was supposed to be a yacht off the coast of egypt, in the levantine sea, and the main target was a “shipping magnate aiding a global narco syndicate through european trade routes”. All of this was coming from the offical material like trailers and screenshots, but because of studio’s demise, this was never implemented.

Fortunately I found ONE, only one video where someone is playnig a pvp match on this map, giving some insight on what was supposed to be.

Since youtube video is not a reliable form of information, I’m posting here for the one fellow maniac wanting to know everything they can about hitman.

The man on the bottom is a “cartel leader”. He would be either a first or a second target in the campain. Name and nationality unknown for obvious reasons. I believe he is presented in the opening cniematic.

The man on top, surrounded by guards is more interesting. He is most likely a final villain in the game, the shipping magnate and leader of shrapnel, the organization connecting all the previous targets. I know this because in evey other pvp match the main target of the zone is shown, and there wasn’t any information about any further maps. Like with the cartel leader, name and nationality unknown.

Due to the structure of previous levels, we can deduce there was a third target, working closely with the magnate, but they probably didn’t even finish conceptualizing him/her. The other bonus target in pvp is head of the security, like in every other mission.

I wanted to put pictures of the map itself, but i have a limit as a new user to just one, unfortunately.

So this is all the info I found. Just one video on the entire Internet, hence this post in case it’s deleted or something. There isn’t even an article on the wiki.

I tried to put links to the video I got screenshots from, but new users can’t put too much in one post, so the gameplay is on the channel “Techzamazing” (You won’t find the video by serching on youtube, I wrote ‘Hitman sniper: the shadows levantine sea’ in google and only then did I find it).