Does 47 care about lucas grey?

tbh i got really wierd vibes from 47 in this trilogy. to me. he behaved like a very talented kid. i mean. in some dialouges like the interview in the bank he sounded childlish and naive. they way he openly say he is an assasin knowing that nobody would believe him. honest, like kids are. it also seemed to me like he does not really have any free will. he was designed to be a killer and thats it. he cannot change who he is. of in hitman 2 (the old one) he did had free will and emotions.

it also seemed to me that lucas grey death did not bother him. and that grey cared about 47 much more then 47 cared about grey.

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This has already come up before, I think there’s even a thread about it. Basically, no, 47 doesn’t care about Grey the way he did when they were kids, but he seemed like he wanted to try to rebuild that as closely as he could, and since Grey was a tie to and reminder of the past, it may have been possible. Alas, we’ll never know if it would have worked, but as far as what we see in the game, 47 did care, in the sense he would have protected Grey in the same way he did Diana, but he likely didn’t feel it much.


I think 47 cares about Grey, but in his way. Grey is a man of emotions, that’s what distinguishes him from 47. He can feel all of the emotions and they drive him. While 47 has no emotions or just get used to them, once he got the antidote. Grey was living with everything that happened and with the feeling of guilt for more than 30 years, while 47 couldn’t even remember that he existed. So I think it’s normal that 47 doesn’t care about Grey the way Grey cares about him, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t protect him. I think he would have done everything to protect Grey, because he knew how important he was for him. He just felt it differently than Grey.


Yeah that was basically the idea of the story of the trilogy, but IMO they didn’t got that right. In the end he was still a killer doing what others want him to do. Now it’s just not the ICA saying it anymore :sweat_smile: I think what Olivia says felt kinda right, that he is like a robot. That’s what I get from him from time to time, except in Berlin maybe.

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