Does Hitman 2 Gold Access Pass let new player have item packs in Hitman 3?

  • Executive Pack
  • Collector’s Pack
  • Smart Casual Pack
  • Winter Sports Pack

For the PlayStation platform.

Trying to start Hitman 3 without transferring progress, thus wanting to know if the Access Pass will get me these 4 item packs.

Requiem Pack too.
I know it’s currently AWOL, but it should be included with Hitman GOTY Access Pass?

It should, assuming you had the Gold Edition or the Expansion Pass for H2. I didn’t transfer my progress either and I still have all of those items.

I would imagine that we’ll get the Requiem Pack as well, when that gets sorted, since those things aren’t rewards tied to challenges, but I tend to take a wait and see approach to these things. :slightly_smiling_face:


great to hear, I’ll just start the game with a fresh profile then, after they fix the Requiem Pack bug… or did you have it as well since you didn’t tranfer progress and have Hitman GOTY Access Pass?

I had the Requiem Pack in H2 as part of the GOTY Legacy Pack. I don’t have it in H3 right now, but I think everyone who has the H1 levels should end up with the Requiem items once the bug gets sorted out, since everyone gets the GOTY version of that game. I think. :crossed_fingers:

makes sense.

And “Aluminum Travel Briefcase” was a legacy gift in Hitman 2 for ppl who owned Hitman 1.

Does it show up on your H3 inventory as well? H1 GOTY Access Pass should mean you owned H1 before.

I do not have the Aluminum Travel Briefcase (though I did in H2). At this point I honestly don’t know whether or not I’m supposed to have it. :grin:

By the way, here is a handy list of items that are, as of now, unobtainable without progression transfer in Hitman 3. (I’m actually waiting until they make an announcement about post-launch content to make my final decision on whether or not to transfer my progress.)

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Looks about right, I don’t have any Elusive Target coins so nothing to worry about.

Also didn’t get all H2 ET Rewards, but hopeful they’re coming back again in H3, same for H2 seasonal content, and Requiem Pack.

So only concern would be Aluminum Travel Briefcase.

For Tactical Wetsuit (Suit), Bat Shuriken, Claw Hamme, Jaeger 7 Covert, ppl are saying they’re unlockable in featured contracts in H3, not sure if it’s true.

They’re not. (At least not yet… :man_shrugging: )

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I have the briefcase so I think it’s a bug.

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And you didn’t transfer progress?

If you didn’t transfer progress and still have it in H3, it would be good news.

ok so Aluminum Travel Briefcase and these 4 items, 5 in total. :roll_eyes:

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and just curious if anyone has completed the transfer successfully without any items/progress lost.

Requiem Pack aside, my sense is that the transfer is working well for most people now.

maybe I should just transfer mine, but starting H3 with a fresh profile is tempting…