Does Hitman include cross platform progression?

Hi I was wondering if Hitman included cross platform progression? I have all my saves on Xbox and would like to play on PC.

No, it doesn’t. You can only transfer progression within the same platform.

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The game is not crossplatform.
If you want to play the game on all three platforms available, you’ll need to buy the game thrice and to unlock and achieve everything for three times.
Nothing can be transferred or carried over or syncronized between platforms.
Everything you own stays within the same platform.

As PC now has 3 ways to play (may be added more in a future), there is also no way to share things between the stores.
There is only one-time things called Carryover and Location Importing that will work only once if you want to transfer your progression from Steam to Epic.
Location Importing will also work only once if you own HITMAN 2 on Steam.

Anything other is impossible

Oh alright, thanks for the help