Does IOI have professional fashion stylists in their team?

I’m a bit into classic menwear, read quite a bit about the subtle but proper ways to wear, tailor and match suits, vests, shoes, colours etc.

I noticed IOIs proper attention to detail the way 47 wears his clothes, stuff you normally can’t know about:

The last button on the vests (i. e. imperial suit) is open the way it’s supposed to. The light grey best goes with a light brown tone (shoes) and light, silver watch. Clearly matched for warm, sunny temperatures which fits even more since he left his jacket and rolles up his sleeves. It’s all unicolor so it only makes sense to have a striped tie go with it. It’s perfection, hats off to IOI, really.

Or the classic suit: Suit sleeve ends just about an inch above the thumb ankle, with the shirt being visible about another inch. No collar gap, short lapel, slim fit and if the tie has a clip, its properly placed at the midsection of his body.

Even the casual summer suits with the hat and sunglasses, proper boat shoes, really well done, the list goes on and on.

It’s really top notch. Of course this fits Hitmans persona but I just wanted to express how suprised I am that IOI got it that right. Props to that.


IOI have a team of highly qualified sartorial experts. They all went on annual leave in August 2021.


Google. They use Google. :joy:


Yet… Driving gloves. :face_exhaling:


With no car. Makes 47 look douchey. :joy:


i mean, staight up killing people is a pretty douche move

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Whats wrong with driving gloves? They are leather gloves no matter if you use them to drive, to work or kill. Is the little spot of exposed skin the big deal?


I think they’re a bit overused with some of the other suits. There are the standard leather gloves (without holes in the back) and I think they’d be considered more of a classic Hitman™ look.

Regarding suits with gloves… Those were typically rewards for killing ETs. You were essentially getting a pair of gloves. :sweat_smile: But when paired with a suit it makes it look like you’re getting “more”.

Birthday Suit with Gloves. :rofl:

Maybe someday we’ll have full suit customization. I can even envision scenarios where 47 would infiltrate (say) a restricted wing in a mansion where a lavish party is taking place. You could then choose to put on gloves to avoid leaving finger prints on a door you’ll be lockpicking, to get to a safe… etc.

But if you came to the party wearing gloves you’d stand out… But maybe that’s getting too technical and role-play’y.

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47’s fingerprints (if he even had any, why would a perfectly engineered assassin have fingerprints?) would essentially be useless because they’re not in any police or government record on the planet.