Does Juan Cortazar exist in Freelancer? (Mendoza)

Anyone know where to find him on the map, if he’s still on the map? Only disguise that lets you open carry a sniper.


I don’t think he does. Every time you spawn into Mendoza in the main campaign, you’d first see him talking to Corvo Black by the winery machines and in Freelancer, the only person I’ve seen in that position is only Corvo himself now.


As Freelancer mode is themed post Hitman III, some items/NPC have been removed from maps etc, but some things were left as IOI didn’t want the maps to be too restricted and wanted us to still have as much freedom like in the main campaign. I’m thinking Juan Cortazar was part of the shakeup.

Things I have noticed:

  • The ICA agents have been removed from Berlin.

  • Diana does not appear in Mendoza. That makes sense with her obviously now being Freelance with 47.

  • Phineas Whitmer has also been removed from Dartmoor.

I also couldn’t find Tamara Vidal in Mendoza or the Constant in the Isle of Sgail? Not sure if anyone can confirm this?

There is still obviously the Main Campaign targets walking around, but very much like what we do when we play Elusive Targets, just ignore their presence and enjoy Freelancer :grin:


Tamara Vidal and her guards have also been removed, mainly because her whole routine is based on her following Diana, and because Diana can’t exist within freelancer: Tamara can’t exist either. I don’t think the constant exists either from what I have experienced (which is nice because it makes the castle far more convenient and better in showdowns and getting the elite guard disguise)


Juan Cortazar is not in Mendoza.


It’s strange getting a straight answer from @47Agent. I was expecting a missing poster with Juan’s face on it.



I tried doing the heralds reunion, but when you put the grand paladin on the table it disappears. And heralds just stand in front of the chairs dont nothing.


Just so you know, this was patched out so it no longer works.


I have a feeling they’ll be more Campaign NPC that have been removed in Freelancer that we aren’t aware of. You’re right on the Constant as well, I couldn’t find him in Isle of Sgail either.

It’s cool to see that IOI have put these little details in on some of the levels! :grin:


He could still be on the Isle of Sgail (Not really him, but his Head is originally the one from Axel Pheninger, the Guy who lights the Bird Statue on Fire.)


In fact I don’t think he can carry any weapon period.

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