Does Tyson eat a burger?

Tv tropes says he does but it’s frequently wrong.

I don’t remember him eating a burger. And there’s nothing about putting poison in a burger, not to my memory, and not on Hitmaps.

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No. He’s far too ill! Jason Portman can, though…

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Portman eats a muffin and gets sick

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It need not be a muffin. Anything containing gluten will count! :wink:

Isn’t gluten a sugar? Sugar means sweet.
Is burger sweet? Or game counts it sweet?
Then I count it a bug

That’s glucose.

I think gluten is some kind of protein found in types of wheat or grain; this is why gluten-free items can be so hard to get hold of: anything involving standard bread, or grain-based products, is out. This most likely means that it is the burger bun which Portman can’t (or won’t, since he may be trying to emulate Helmut Kruger) tolerate.