Double Sierra glitch

Has anyone else encountered this?

Sierra knox was carrying her on foot routine despite the race was still going and the car was highlighted on instinct. I couldn’t interact with her (subdue, throw objects at her, etc. Even thrown distractions wouldn’t work) but i could shoot her, and killing her this way counted towards the objective.

Was this during a player-made contract? That’s the only time I’ve heard of stuff like that happening.

No, happened on the main mission.

There are a bunch of reproducible glitches that can be caused through a double race end, or by doing a pit-stop that causes the race to continue (planting a bomb) at the time the race ends…

Sierra the NPC usually exists in an out of bounds area across the track until the race ends and is swapped in when she leaves the car.


She’s standing off track with Moses. :joy: