Downloaded content not installed - Hitman 2

Hi everyone
I bought Hitman 2 ,
2 years ago and I remember owning all the missions including : Miami , Santa fortuna, Mumbai ,whittleton creek.

I have ps4 and I remember playing those maps , but I accidentally deleted those maps but I don’t know how to get it back ,
I tried to redownload the game and I tried to see how many adds on the game has and still I can’t find the maps, also tried to get licenses back but still nothing ,
When I try to play the maps it shows : “downloadable content not installed “

I added some pictures to show you guys the problem . ( nvm now I see that I can’t add pictures )
Please if somebody knows what to do. This is sucks that I can’t play all the maps that I payed for.
Thank you I hope I will get help from you guys. :slight_smile: