Dr Ort-Meyer 47's Father

Do you think it was a mistake to kill him would you have liked he escaped and be in another game?

I don’t think so. There’s not really a lot I can envision Ort-Meyer doing in subsequent games that would keep him relevant. His few expository appearances are all we need to see of him. Plus, 47 is essentially a modern version of Frankenstein’s monster, and the monster always kills his “father.”


True, Hitman Silent Assasin, Contracts and Blood Money all allude or show him I just thought maybe the developers regretted killing him off so early.

47 is not a monster, but just a weapon used by Ort-Meyer. It was Ort-Meyer who tried to get rid of 47 and kill him.

It’s an analogy. 47 is not a literal monster, but he’s essentially filling that role in the story of a mad scientist creating a man out of parts of other men.


By monster I was meaning something like maniac, some kind of Hanibal Lectar killing just for fun. For 47 it´s just a normal job, like he says “I can kill everibody when I paid for it”. By parts of other men, you mean DNA of that men, right?

He had five fathers including Ort-Meyer.

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