Driftwood fishing suggestion

I would like to suggest making driftwood a beach spawn, like the seashell, after ending up with a pile of 5-10 driftwood at my feet every time I want a fish.

It seems you can’t fish up a new item when you have something in your hand. With the other items you fish up, you can holster them, allowing a new item to be fished up. However, driftwood can’t be holstered, so you have to drop it on the ground to try for a new item. Getting a fish for sedative poison is a bit aggravating when compared to the ease of picking an emetic mushroom.

The fishing for items is a fun idea, but at the end of the day I’m here to play Hitman, not create driftwood piles.


Theorically you may never catch a fish and instead have the entire level flooded with driftwood.


I’d feel less aggravated about it if I could at least throw the fucking driftwood back into the lake. But noooo… disable the throwing function at the safehouse.


If you want a fish easily, click on the redecorate option and click next and then previous, a fish and fishing line will appear

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Yea…no. The Free fish cannot be used for making sedatives.


We should be able to make a crafting table out of 9 Driftwoods.


Ahh my bad, don’t think i’ve tried to make a sedative poison :smile:

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I could extend that dock to the other side of the fucking lake with the amount is driftwood I’ve caught.