Drowning question

Any reason why knocking out an NPC with feet in water counts as drowning while knocking them out on the beach then dragging them into the sea does not or is it one of those “it’s Hitman for you” thing?

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My guess when you knock them out they really drawning, because they are conscious while dropping into the water, and when you drag them to drawn they already unconscious and that’s why it counts like falling kill

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AFAIK it only counts as drowning in Hokkaido, in any other level it’s a always a “fall” kill for some reason. Whether you KO the target beforehand or make them fall into the water with fruits or leg shots doesn’t really matter.

I agree this is pretty inconsistent :confused:


I think more likely open water drowning working in Hokkaido could actually be the bug and that “hold my hair” is really only supposed to be attainable by holding someone’s face into a toilet or container of water.