Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic Unlocked (On it’s own)

I’ve been only doing Freelancer since it came out, and last night when I decided to play a regular campaign mission with the new gear… I noticed the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic was unlocked!

I never consistently got SA on the Prison Sniper mission, so it’s been a multiple year grind… but I’m still at about Mastery 16.

If you were like me, look it up and see if you now own it!


It’s a pretty mediocre sniper on its own (though it’s technically the best one for doing the Strelok challenge), but yeah it’s nice to finally be able to play with it without having to replay the same map in exactly the same way 500 times.


It is one of the most painful unlocks of the whole trilogy :grimacing:

Maybe add another way of unlocking it through freelancer?

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