Easter Eggs in HITMAN

A favorite topic from old forum. Less than a month now to hunt down some new ones.

Mow made a document of the known H1 and H2 Easter eggs. Linked below.


Mow made a document of the known H1 and H2 easter eggs. You should add it to OP.


Do you mean I should add it to original post?

It’s better to have it in the OP. So that everyone can get easy access to the document, find out about the discovered easter eggs, and not have the document be buried in a reply.

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Morocco last egg was found?

In a stream (live as I am writing this) the folks at the Outsidexbox channel have revealed that aside from their names being on a board in Miami and having inspired the drink recipe in Sgail, they (along with members of partner channel Outsidextra) are also NPCs in Santa Fortuna with Portuguesified names and middle names that describe their characters: Linus/Luke, Miguelito/Mike, Elena/Ellen, Andres/Andy and Juana/Jane


as far as i know, there aren’t any trophies related to easter eggs this time. do you think it means we’ll have less of those?

I don’t know, they might have reduced it to match the number 47.

that was my thought as well but you can never be sure


I had posted that post on old forum lol

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Regarding the nice shot easter eggs. I think the one in Marrakesh that the dev left us a hint for was not actually shipped in game from what I found.

chunk27 - Paris     0082DE09D777B34C    WWEV    play_barge_niceshot.wav
chunk26 - Sapienza  00C36F2F0FEE6550    WWEV    play_easter_niceshot.wav
chunk24 - Bangkok   0057DB1AE0C5E180    WWEV    play_easter_niceshot_bangkok.wav
chunk23 - Colorado  000DA8833F99C900    WWEV    play_sfx_bull_niceshot.wav
chunk22 - Hokkaido  00E83DD417FC038F    WWEV    play_hokkaido_niceshot.wav

Wait… weren’t there two nice shots in Paris? Is it complete list? And what about chunk25 ?

chunk25 would have been marrakesh. There are two in Paris?

Edit: I assume Paris would be reusing the same file anyways if there is two nice shots in it.


Yeah, the Marrakesh nice shot easter egg is definitely not in the game. I got confirmation that the trigger for it was the swing at the back of the school from the developer who left us the clue. I’ve shot that swing countless times and have never heard it so yeah.

We can still try and find Bangkok’s nice shot easter though since I think nobody has found that yet and the files for it are still in the game so it’s definitely still in there.


Colorado’s briefing area features NPC Map icons from the earlier games, it’s a nice little nod towards past games intel maps.


We can even say the operation is a little nod to the Mission #014 of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin “Motorcade Interception” :wink:

Could this be something? Someone found a silenced pistol buried in Isle of Sgail…


Yeah that was found during Hitman 2. it was posted in the Easter Eggs in Hitman thread in the old forum, which is now archived.

The assumption has always been that finding the buried gun is all there is to it. I have no clue if there’s anything more to it but I doubt it right now.


The google doc lists an unsolved Easter Egg called “Mansion Art” on The Last Resort / Haven Island.
The link of it is broken, unfortunately. Does anyone know what the supposed Easter Egg is about?