Easter Eggs in Mendoza

So far it looks like all of these areas are going to have enough easter eggs and hat tips to previous games to warrant their own threads, so I thought I’d start.

If the easter egg in question happens to involve a significant spoiler (even if it’s just for a mission story someone might not have tried yet) please use a spoiler blur.


This is definitely one of my favourite’s from the cellar/barrel room:

Particularly given the presence of the hidden door disguised as the giant barrel that Yates uses.


The challenge is named after it too lol

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Pretty sure I found another direct reference.

I guessed the safe combination by going “What year did Blood Money come out…”


You could guessed it, but if you absolutely has no idea what might the code be, there are two guards near the villa’s service gate (I believe it is a service gate opens from the lavender field) who are talking about what the code might be, and a calendar in the office, helping to get the code.

I heard the guards talking about it, but I just went and tried it on a whim based entirely off out of game information.

It’s also the year of the Pinot Noir on offer, which is objectively the best wine (clearly IOI knows what’s up)