"Edit Conflict" when editing a post

I’ve seen at least 1 other person post something about this, like @MrOchoa - about not being able to edit his post, and another very similar post but I don’t recall where. I’ve experienced the same issue.

While editing, there will be a small (simple) head and body “emoji” with a pencil over it in the lower right, and the words ‘Edit Conflict’. When you go to save the edited post, you get the message:

That post was edited by another user and your changes can no longer be saved.

Another strange anomaly, I don’t know if it’s related, but there was one post I was trying to edit, and my on-screen cursor (using a PC, Brave browser) seemed to be off from where I was actually typing. I’d push the ‘End’ key, but it would look like it was 1 or 2 characters to the left. Made it really confusing to type and correct words.

Anyway, the whole Editing a post and it allegedly being “edited by another user” might need some looking into. TIA.


Happened to me 2 times on PC. I think it’s just a bug in the forum and not a user that edits it. :thinking:

I tried to find out what that is about but I need to know which posts in question these are.

The only thing in this forum that automatically edits other’s posts is when you include an external media in your post (like an image or a video which is shown with a preview picture). Discourse then edits your posts with a copy of the image on our server so the post loads faster and is independent of external services, which is also good for your privacy.


Sometimes it’s bad though because forum limit is 4MB, and the image (especially GIF) might be bigger than 4MB and therefore the image does not displays


I don’t think it is bad if you can rely on the forum not accidentally eating away your data volume.

Happy birthday btw :partying_face:


I have also run into this issue, I often resolve it by deleting some space at the end of a sentence. But I don’t see it often.


I searched the Discourse meta forum and apparently it is a bug that is already fixed. As soon there is an update rolled out for us, that should not happen anymore.


This has happened to me a few times. Someone said it could be an anti spam thing, but if it’s just a bug and it’s fixed then that’s great news. Thanks for the info @Urben


Applying a very recent (2 hours ago) update today, out of my usual schedule so that should hopefully fix everything.


Sadly it still happened for me just a few minutes ago…


Well… if at first we don’t succeed…