Elusive contract locked

So we can agree that if I bought hitman1 4 years ago, and hitman2 2 years ago, never did anything to sync the games as it was automated, never played Hitman1 maps in Hitman2 I’m not aware of that.

The only thing I knew more than that is that old map where part of the game, so it looked really possible that you could access them for specific missions.

Everyone would have add a *only available for the blabla… on this communication.

No you don’t have to dig deeper unless said so.
If you see a commercial it should be true, if not, it’s illegal.

For the map part, we were also aware that old map where part of the game files.

Technically, I guess that this mission is an Hitman3 mission, on an Hitman3 built map, but locked behind a paywall for those who posses the access pack or the old products. They just failed to say so.

This sentence does not make fully sense for me, it ends weirdly. Did you mean “… I could not have been aware of that.”? And what do you mean with automated? You could not sync them.

H1 and H2 related contet requires Access Packs. The same logic applied to H2 where you needed GOTY pack in order to access H1-related content. So I am not entirely sure what is the problem. Maybe IO could specify that this target is available only for those who owns previous game/s but no one expected that someone would question that.

That is not a problem either. Anyone can buy corresponding Access Passes for HITMAN 3 (even without buying previous games) at any moment and gain access to any new content

Ok to be clear here is my points:

  1. If I want to buy Hitman 3 on ioi.dk I find 2 packs: Hitman3 and Hitman3 Deluxe.

  2. If I look at the roadmap communication (February and since few hours March as well) I see that there is Elusive Target coming for free for Hitman3 players.

  3. Is it really free for H3 players ?
    No, you need to own other products than H3


If you want to be tricky we can ask: could I knew it ?
From what I understand from you guys it’s a “Yes”, as you experienced the same offers if you played Hitman 1 maps in Hitman 2. But playing H2 and H1, and knowing how it works back then with ET is not a condition we should expect from players before buying H3.

  1. Yes, and it’s your choise what edition you to buy.
    If you change your mind in a future, you can upgrade from Standard to Deluxe.
    But you can’t downgrade. And who would want that as the better edition gives you more benefits
  2. Any of Roadmap that I saw never stated that a content it offers goes with or without additional charge
  3. For me it is free. I payed only a price for HITMAN 3 and nothing more.
    In the past I also bought HITMAN 2016 and HITMAN 2, and as an owner of those connected games I’m eligible to merge all three games into one for no additional cost.
    But I payed a respectful price for each of three games.
    And additional content was always free, unless it was stated otherwise.

So to be honest I’m not fully understand what you’re trying to achieve here.
If you want to play a game - buy it. If you don’t want - just pass by.
Again, personally I bought all three games, and now I have access to all three in HITMAN 3.
This system works for any player. Doesn’t matter if he’s new or old, you still have to buy a game

That’s important, because that’s all my point.
So please look again : https://youtu.be/_giI06cdTlo?t=53