Elusive contract locked

Sapienza Elusive contract seem to be locked to Hitman 3 owner. If I clic it it asks me to buy additional content. Is it a bug ?

(Tested on Stadia)

Do you own and have access to the rest of Hitman 1? Are you normally able to play World of Tomorrow and the other Sapienza content?

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It is locked unless you own the H2016 Access Pass. You can unlock it for free if you owned the Hitman2016 game or its level pack on Hitman 2.
Else you need to buy it.

But I think Hitman2016 was/is free on Stadia, so it should just be a matter of unlocking it.


cc @ZeroGravitas

Thanks for the replies. That’s what I feared : I have Hitman 1 and 2 on PC but not on Stadia, it was no big deal for me as Elusive Targets were advertised as Hitman 3 content, not Hitman 3 with conditions, see : feb. roadmap

(Hitman was free on Stadia at a time for Pro sub.)

Be aware that Steam, Epic and Stadia are different unrelated stores and if you want to play the game on different store, you’ll need to buy all games again on each store.
Only HITMAN 2 locations can be imported from Steam to Epic at no cost.
In any other cases you’ll need to buy game(s) repeatedly. Or obtain them for free within sales or giveaways

Yes I am aware of that. But I didn’t care, as I didn’t want to import Hitman 2 locations from steam to Stadia as IOI mentioned Elusive target being an Hitman 3 content ! Really misleading communication from them here…

You can’t import anything on or from Stadia.

HITMAN 3 is a home for the whole trilogy:
You can merge all games into one within HITMAN 3 and get Elusive Targets and other live content in Paris or Hokkaido or Whittleton Creek in HITMAN 3

You miss my point.
Consider this for a player who have never played any Hitman :
He sees the roadmap, saying “Hey there is content update coming by the end of feb. on Hitman 3 !”
Then when he want to play it the game asks to buy extra content, seem fair to you ?

It’s the way things work.
I can’t say either it’s fair or not, it’s just how it is.

You have 3 ways in this situation:
accept it and buy extras
ignore extras and play only what you’ve got
make a refund and forget about everything

You seem to be a returning player, being aware that Sapienza is part of the Access Packs of Hitman 3. In that regard it should have been no surprise for you, regardless how the roadmap could be read for a completely new player.

As a returning player I am aware that Sapienza is a map from old Hitman, not that it can’t be unlocked for a specific mission, nor that I need an “Access pack”.
Before the import thing, even the press was guessing that the map will be coming back just for the elusive target mission.

That has never been the case in H2016 or H2. You always needed access to the specific map to play the content. For example you needed the Legacy Pack in H2 to play this very ET.

It is only theoretically possible in H3 since Sapienza is indeed part of the game files. But I cannot imagine that makes you think it is possible, let alone likely. After all you still have to pay for the access no matter if it is part of the installation.

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That’s all my point : what made me think it was possible is that they told it in the February update.
Take it the other way : seeing the feb update, what can make me think the elusive targets will not be accessible for me, as a Hitman 3 owner.

If you buy DLC for HITMAN 3 with old locations, you’ll be pretty much ok.
Decision is exclusively up to you

Can you quote exactly what made you think it can be played without H1 Access Pack?

“But we have more Hitman free content coming your way in Feb.” Youtube.

And jpg here the content not being in the “red Deluxe”.

Yeah well that did not suggest me at all it does not require the Access Packs. Especially if you know some H2 roadmaps.

I think there is not much more to discuss here?

No we don’t really go forward in this discussion.
I would like to understand how do you know that you need anything more that Hitman 3 to get the Elusive target, seeing the roadmap.

The roadmap points out it is Sapienza. That and my experience from H2 live content was all I need to be aware of that.

I think you and most of other people (newcomers included) know that the base game includes 6 locations.
For HITMAN 3 they are Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, Romania.
Do you see any Sapienza mentionings among those names? I don’t.
So, if you dig deeper, you’ll know.
All the info is in public access on developer’s website and on stores, on the web in general.
You just need to want to find all that