Elusive contract

Hi, I encountered a glitch on the Elusive contract, where I killed an target without anyone being in eyesight of him and I somehow got spotted through a wall and subsequently failed because all the Villa guards opened fire.
I know no one could see me as I made sure all enemies near the accident kill zone I was going for had no one near it.
Is there no way of getting it back?

If you’ve actually reached the fail screen (aka died) then I’m afraid there’s no way to get it back. Sorry, mate. That really sucks, failing because of a glitch :confused:


You surely encountered an invisible wall ingame :confused:

Next time you enter combat mode, don’t wait the guards shooting you before restarting the mission :+1:

In this mode if you die it’s over.

I think he already killed Trout, so this wasn’t an Option. (Theres technically an Option to leave the Game and restart, though not everyone knows it.)

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Not leave.
Quitting the game during Elusive Target will most likely result in a fail.
Easiest way is to close game forcibly

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That’s what i meant :+1: