Elusive Target #10: THE ENTERTAINER (Year Two : 25th November to 5th December 2022)

I remember I knocked him out, placed an explosive near him, got the file and detonated it as I left the mission.


Push KO’s also don’t void Silent Assassin, atleast not for Normal NPCs.


That is in Ibbe’s list already, and it does void SA on targets when they are found. :wink:


If my memory serves me right, moving a tranqed body will void Silent Assassin if it’s found. But I’d suggest doing a test on a contract before doing it on the ET.

Create a contract with a lonely NPC, finish the creation of the contract and play it, tranq the target, move the body, and distract another NPC to the body to see if you still have SA.


The 10th Elusive Target is upon us, and as always I’ll ask what method you’ll be using for this ET.

This will be the first one in my SASO No Ko No Emetics Fiber Wire series where I’ll have to stray away from one of the restrictions, as it’s required to KO an NPC to get the Soirée Horrible Guestlist. It’ll for the first time be an SASO No Emetics Fiber Wire run.
But I’ll still be restricting myself to only knocking out that one NPC.

And now to the part where I share fanart of the ET.
From @Khakiasp


Well, given you have to KO that one NPC, couldn’t you use tranqs or something to do it so they drop the needed item but then get woken up? At the end of the level you won’t have any knocked out NPCs, even though you technically have to KO someone…

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Kick him from rooftop, when he is taunting poisioned businessman. Did it last time and it was hillarious. But make sure his bodyguard is not looking.


Sure I could do that, but it’ll still be a KO though, so me saying that my run was an SASO No Ko No Emetics Fiber Wire would be false.

I’ll also have to stray away from my restrictions in three other ETs.
The Fixer where you have to KO the courier to get the diamonds.
The Chameleon where you have to kill the target in an Accident kill that isn’t an Explosion Accident kill or the ET will fail.
And The Surgeons where you have to kill the targets with a lethal syringe if you want SA.


Well you’re right about that. The only way to win is not to play, or something…


Last time I threw a muffin at his head on the roof, and he stumbled off to his death.

Considering I got the Silent Assassin challenge already (at least I think so), I might try something more risky…

Maybe I’ll use the ICA MKII briefcase with an explosive inside, cause Giggles to run away, then blow him up as the briefcase gives chase. :man_shrugging:


Lol that’d be a sick kill!


Hi. If I poison the lady with the guestlist with the sedative poison she drops the tablet and I don’t lose SA, right? But if the guards wake her up, the tablet stays on the floor?

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Right. You’ll absolutely keep SA since she isn’t a target. And she will not pick up the Guest List.


I missed this one originally I think so I’m hoping I catch him with that fiber wire :joy:

If I’m successful this will be the last Elusive Target I need before I get 47’s signature suit with gloves.


Wanted to kill this guy with the lamp-electrocution in the Cafe, dude refused to cooperate so I just punched him off a building


My basic strategy was pretty easy, so I decided to spice things up a little. :duck:

It’s so nice to have the Summer Suit back. :smiley:

This is the practice run from my alternate account. Ghost NPCs and an unfortunate bunch of bananas ruined the camera work on the run from my main account. :grin:


Project 047 (“No Time To Lose SA”)

Previously in H3.


Well, I exited stage left and Diana was flippant.

The hardest part of the contract is to find the target and the documents. So I don’t think it will be hard for anyone on the forum.

First run on my completionnist profile was standard for the target, vaulting to take the pass, knock out in the bathroom for the documents, climbing and poison the target’s drink (with the twist of using the Serpent’s Tongue to blind the waiter while I poisoned the drink).

For my secondary profile I wondered if the contract could be made without knocking anyone out and without vaulting/climbing. It can. I tried to find a key for the Cafe, without success. I ended up lock-picking the back entrance and took the waiter disguise. Then off I went to pour some sedatives, be frisk and pour some lethal poison.

And then I caught the eyes of an enforcer… I guess I got reckless. Still made the exit.

At the end of this contract Diana becomes flippant and most unprofessional. Please do no be like her, or me, and stay vigilant to the end.


Technically, using the sedatives does knock someone out… as discussed by @Ibbe and myself earlier, though the mission is impossible to complete without doing so.

It would be intersesting for IOI to add something that makes a NPC drop what they are carrying without knocking them out. I don’t know what that would be, but maybe something that startles an NPC to a degree that they drop things? Not sure.


True, I realised that after, but the challenge was more “no knock out to steal disguise”. You know.
I haven’t been in this version of the map for a while now. I wanted to force myself to explore and find the placed disguises. I even tried to do the contract with the shopkeeper disguise near the starting point.

As for your proposition : I propose itching powder. Just for the fun of it.