Elusive Target #10: THE ENTERTAINER (Year 3: 29 September - 9 October 2023)

Good evening, 47.

Your target is called Mr. Giggles and he operates an underground circus with dog fights, bare joint fights and other blood sports. While it affects the manner of the weeping clown, it certainly has blood on its hands.

We are not sure why it is in Marrakech, only that it is somewhere in the city center. You will need to locate it on the ground and engage at your discretion.

It should be simple enough to observe, at least.

The client asks that, in addition to eliminating the target, you also get his list of clients. Given the personality of the targets, he is unlikely to handle such issues himself, so you will need to find out his location on the site.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


As far as I respect different languages that members from all over the world speaking, please use English to start a topic discussion, so that most of us can understand.

In any case, Mr. Giggles is back. Time to unlock this sweet Summer Suit with Gloves!


I love Marrakesh at night


thinking about entertaining Mr Giggles to death :thinking:


Need a new way to take him out. Already killed him once with a loud shotgun and the second time was with the broadsword.

WHat can be done this time around?


Poison him. On a roof of a carpet shop. Just climb there near a gate exit and when you reach the roof where the ET is, subdue a waiter leaning to a low concrete wall when no-one is looking.


There’s quite a few ways to do this. A sniper rifle works quite well as does the micro explosive placed near his glass.


Is this the guy who kills another NPC in the level? I think I remember saving the NPC and then said NPC ratting me out to the guards. Not a fun moment.


Wait this guy runs dog fighting rings?

IOI you need to make ETs permanent. I want to kill this asshole a thousand times over.


I’m still hoping it’s a quick cash grab at the end of the H3 lifecycle. A few bucks to unlock them.


Interesting…I don’t remember that at all.
I did kill him in H2 while he was still at the rooftop so I don’t much about his route after that.
I’m trying to find info about him being able to do that but I couldn’t find any. Time to watch Euler’s dialogue vid.


I could easily be misremembering, but I know the ET I’m thinking of was in Marrakech at night. We will find out soon enough. The situation I’m remembering happens nearly identically to Sierra and the Flamingo in Miami .


Alright, I’ve checked Euler’s video.
He does poison an NPC that he speaks with about the requested item, but it’s emetic poison.
At 1:12

Good thing is though, even if it was lethal poison, it wouldn’t count against SA. Because an NPC killing another NPC (like Rangan pushing Mike), or an NPC commiting suicide (Jorge Franco or Jeff) doesn’t void Silent Assassin.


If you hide out on the rooftop, you can watch him talk to a guy who he poisons, but I’m not sure if it’s lethal. He does tell the guy to go throw up, but I never tried to follow him.


Yup, just Giggles having a laugh.

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He has made animlas perform canibalistic acts and it’s deeply implied he is in Marrakesh trying to get a family to give him either a baby or child or similar defenseless being for one of his shows.


If a target gets Accidental KO’d (even tranq’ed), then found… That loses SA, right? If so I may have to think of another way to kill this guy. Unless… :hushed: :syringe: :large_orange_diamond: (not the poison pokey)

edit: just gunna have to test my idea in a contract.

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It depends on the method of the accidental KO. The only accidental KOs on targets that won’t void Silent Assassin if the body is found are Sedative Tranq and piano KO.

Accidental KOs
  • Sedative Poison/Chloroform bottle/Snail (fumigation, consumables, throwable near an npc, etc.).
  • Sedative tranq (also works on targets).
  • Accident explosion KO (fire extinguisher, vehicle, stove etc.).
  • Push KO.
  • Aquarium tank KO.
  • Rake KO.
  • Wet spot/banana/grape slip.
  • Joint KO.
  • Piano KO (also works on targets).

So yes, you can use a tranq on Giggles and you’ll still keep SA if his body is found.


Ah! Thank you. Also, if I tranqed him, then moved his body (then he’s found after being moved)?.. SA, lost or kept?

I know you can’t move a body after a poison kill, but I wasn’t sure if the same applied for tranq KOs.