Elusive Target #17: THE BROKER (Year 4: 23 February - 4 March 2024)

I like to do particular kill methods at least once on ETs, and while with the H3 set I shot the Heartbreaker with the Goldballer, I haven’t done a head shot with the Silverballer, and here’s the chance. I considered electrocuting him with the puddle he walks through, but hard to pass off as an accident if the treasure he’s got is stolen, too, so I’ll just flat murder him.


Even though I’m glad for this ET I have to ask. Are we just gonna have all the content shadow dropped like this? No roadmap or anything?


We have no answer for this yet.
I believe the silence is temporary until they handle all the stuff after Steam launch went not as they planned.
How long it will last? No one knows. Time will tell

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well good luck with it

The #2 probaly denotes the fact its a Year 2 ET activation, rather than the second time it’s being run?

And ooh, first time its been activated since 2016…
And i might actually be able to play this one. It’ll fall on my winter intersession week, and i should be back home with my PS4.


It was reactivated around this time in 2018, actually, but still, that’s too damn long, he never even reappeared in H2.


One of the best ETs from Paris and 2016 in general. I really dig a comeback from him and the Ivory White!

Also fond memories on the people who got themselves electrocuted with the wire and water pool close to the bar because they forgot to turn off the power first. :B


I am glad that they are bringing back old ets from hitman 1 to hitman 3


Why is this one stamped #2 when The Broker has never been activated in H3? It made sense with the Heartbreaker because it had gone live before, but this is just stupid…


My understanding is there could be people who played this ET during its initial (or reactivated) run and whether they’ve accomplished or failed it, here it is again for them to play without being locked out. With probably a couple more challenges for a few thousand XP.

It’s never been activated in H3 (or H2), so no one will have it marked as Previously Eliminated/Failed though. Up until now this has only ever been live inside H1.


@thrison :arrow_up:

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I don’t remember what he does too well, but I do what I did:


Because it’s for year #2. Any Elusive Target that has been released before, regardless of which game, that is released now, is being released under the Year 2 umbrella, so it gets a #2 even if it hadn’t been seen since H1. Only brand new ETs, if any are coming, will probably not have the #2 attached to them.

Where is your fabulous kills for H3 Elusive Targets?

No new ones incoming, I do a break. I am kinda burnt out on Hitman and focus more on contract mode, if at all. :sweat_smile:


Shame. I was enjoying your shenanigans

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From twitter, IOI confirms the Broker will start on Friday February 25th. Maybe change the title of the thread.


It makes me recall the rolling system introduced during Year 1 for Hitman 3. Each season offered a period of time where one map from Hitman 1 was free, and an ET on that map generally ends this free period.

During Year 1, we got the Black Hat (Paris), the Twin (Sapienza), the Entertainer (Marrakesh), the Food Critic (Bangkok), the Bookkeeper (Colorado) and the Fugitive (Hokkaido). Between them, we got an ET from H3.

Maybe they will use the same alternating system for Year 2. Each month would propose two ET: one from H3 map (in a different order than Year 1) and an ET from the free map. The first month of Year 2 (February 2022) fits with this description. Wait and see.

If it turns to be true, the rolling six Hitman 1 maps would take 6 months (July-August). So, Hitman 2 ET would start… on September-October :thinking:


I forget, do game crashes make you fail these? I’ve been having some issues and don’t want to get locked out of this forever cause of a random crash.

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You should get a medal for this. You can add it to the pile IOI owes you.